Saturday, September 09, 2006

Java! Java!

I'm in Denver, and it's very early in the morning here--not quite so early at home. Don't you just love traversing time changes? :) You basically wind up with your ass on your shoulder--pardon my French, but it's just true. I'm here for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conf, and what a fabulous group of people.

Today I had the pleasure of doing something I'd never done before, which was having a "workshop" with 6 authors where we read work aloud and critiqued and whatnot. My homies were totally made of stern stuff, and were able to take my commentary--and the group's--without wigging out or suffering personal crises. It was great fun--to be face-to-face with writers, talking craft. I wish they would actually let me out of my agent cage more often. It was very satisfying, and again, I had such a wonderful group of writers. Everyone in the room had talent, which made our group endeavor much more fun.

I participated in the author signing, and sold out of my books pretty quickly. YEA! This is a good thing, even while I'm naturally thinking, "Why didn't I bring extra books!" :) After that, my wonderful friend Kristin Nelson had arranged dinner at a swanky Denver restaurant--I mean, honestly? How often do you get to eat Mexican/Asian fusion? The food was freaking out of this world. A group of pub folks went together, and eating little won ton tacos was just beyond fun for this mom. :)

I'm tired, of course, but that's nothing new--I am ALWAYS tired. Always. But it's all about living big. This is an amazing conference, and I'm thankful to have been invited. I may even have found a new client!


Kristen Painter said...

Sounds like you're having fun - just don't wear yourself out. We have that whole walking thing to do...

Bookstoredeb said...

Glad everything went well.

And you doubted your books would sell out? Perish the thought!