Monday, December 12, 2005

Kind of Freaky...and Some Very Big News!

It's pretty weird that more than ten days have elapsed since my last post here! It's the time of year, I think, where we're so focused on shopping, and family events and the like, that whole blocks of time simply breeze by.

I hope you didn't feel abandoned, and thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments about our new agency sign. Julie has taken some cool pics of the agency CHRISTMAS TREE which she'll be uploading in the next few days. :)

So my Very Big News: my new website is finally live!!! I will continue to have my basic author site at, but this is for the Parallel Series, and has lots of goodies, such as character interviews, giveaways, a message board--plus some very cutting edge effects (be sure to turn your volume up for the full effect.)

So visit and let me know what you think!


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sign of the Times

I’m also a Prince fan from way back; in fact, I just might be a collection of my various pop culture influences. So, today was a landmark day in the life of Deidre—after nearly ten years in business, I have my first SIGN. You’ll note the various angles and snapshots of said sign sprinkled throughout this post. It was an awesome moment, driving up to the office today and seeing it there, hanging by the street. Sort of, “Wow! I’m real!”

Remember the great scene in VANILLA SKY when Kurt Russell’s character is revealed as not having a last name? He keeps saying, “I’m real, damn it! I’m REAL!” That’s a bit how it felt these past few years while I slaved away in my office at home. There we were, posting major sales and major deals, but no matter how nontraditional an era we’re living in—especially in terms of business—it’s hard to shake the very traditional conceptions of what constitutes a business. You want mortar; you want equipment; you want employees. Having grown up in a family retail business, I kept feeling that my enterprise, no matter how successful, was less than authentic without an old-fashioned shingle.

Silly. Totally ridiculous in the age of Internet and faxes and phones and iPods (well, you’ve got to have music at the office!) and the like. Still, when I pulled into my parking space today I sorta felt like I’d finally arrived.

Good day!