Wednesday, May 24, 2006

RT Fun and Cover Model Mania

I am finally popping in here after returning from RT. When I powered up the ole laptop (or new laptop, as the case shall be), I had more than 775 emails. I am STILL crawling out from underneath the avalanche. Almost getting there...finally!

But we had a blast at the event, and our room was on the beach level, so we looked right out at the ocean. This made for a good setting each morning when Jud and I had coffee and stared out at the ocean watching the sun rise!

Then almost every morning I walked on the beach (since I'm trying to lose twenty pounds by RT!) A couple of those times I walked with Karmela Johnson, who I had no idea was an aerobics instructor! Yikes! She's 4 foot 10--and I'm 5 foot 9, but I had a hard time keeping up with her! Can't you just tell this woman is just an adorable ball of energy? Look at her! She's also a fantastic writer! Watch out NYC!

I got to spend a whole afternoon with one of my best agent friends, Kristin Nelson. Here's a pic of Kristin, my hubby and Kristin's sis. A great pic!

Saw some of our wonderful clients like...
Sylvia Day

Shelley Bradley

And sign books next to Angela Knight, Harley Jane Kozak and Betina Krahn...

I wish I had lots of cover model shots to share with you, but I *do* have a special link with something fun that Elaine made for me while I was away. It's of the guy on both my covers, Nathan Kamp. Go check out the Parallel Realm Blog and see what I mean!!!!! Elaine is a wonder woman!
hugs to all! D

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Turn! Turn! Turn! (Or: Deidre Gets Naked)

Techno Babble. This will be my new term for the scrambling, mind-numbing confusion that ensues when one’s technological framework collapses. This past week saw the demise of my laptop and then the massive effort to restart my entire technological experience. If laptop failed, then blackberry wasn’t aligned—even today I learn I can’t send out email from home because of improper settings. So if you’re awaiting an email reply from me, it will likely arrive on Monday. Yes, technology, for all it enables me to be a better agent, a more quality friend, and a faboo author can sometimes simply fail. And I hate the insecurity that failure brings about in my reliable world.

And it’s not like I don’t understand the workings of these modern conveniences. In fact, those in my life (and those who read this blog) are quite aware that I am a techno queen. A lesser known fact is that for six years prior to agenting I worked in the computer technology field. There’s a surprise, and perhaps something many do NOT know about me. In fact, today while driving on the interstate I saw a license plate that read something like 13F2450 and realized that whenever I see that precise format of letters and numbers—particularly with the third being a letter not digit—I flash on IBM part numbers. It was an interesting era of my life, one when I truly believed God had placed me on the shelf. Many people have life crises in their forties or fifties, wondering why they’ve been put here, but mine came through my twenties after leaving the world of filmmaking.

You see, I'm one of the lucky ones--I’d immediately exited college and stepped into my dream career—and this without having spent day one in film school, something I figured I’d need in order to work in film production. How wrong I was! Because when a dream is meant to come to fruition, heaven itself moves to make it happen. There’s a Goethe quote to that effect, and I’ve always seen it reflected in my own life. That summer post-Mary Washington College (1988) I sold food and freezer plans in the home. Also a hidden tidbit about my life. I can honestly say I am one of those natural born salespeople you hear mythologized. And I'd come up through the ranks: While working at American Frozen Foods each summer as a telemarketer, I was scouted as a good potential sales person to…go in the home! In the words of Tom Cruise in JERRY MAGUIRE I was the master of the living room, or so it turned out once they gave me my anchor-sized briefcase and sent me out on “sits.”

In no time at all during that summer of love I rose to the top of food selling ranks: I was the number three sales person throughout the national corporation, toppling the records of mid-thirty year old mega giants. The kind of men (not women) that were always pointed out to us as champions, the sort those in the Fleebold, Indiana office should aspire to emulate. Btw, there is no Fleebold, Indiana that I know of, but I can’t recall where the fifteen or so sales outposts of American Frozen Foods were located after so many years. Anyway, I was pulling down a killer salary for a twenty-two year old, but there was one thing missing: I was unhappy. Unsatisfied and feeling shelved. So I prayed a simple-yet-heartfelt prayer, asking God the following, “Isn’t there something, Lord, that I can do to utilize my creative gifts.” You see, for all my driven nature, for all my discipline and focus that you see reflected in me today, those were acquired traits. At twenty-two I was a drifting mess, a living Jack Kerouac disciple who had spent the past four years on the road, biking around Europe, under-achieving in school, and generally slacking. There was no post-college plan. There was just me, in Atlanta, living with Pamela and trying to figure out who I was going to be.

Heartfelt, earnest prayers have a way of being fulfilled—something to remember, good friends. A few days later, perhaps only a day, I can’t say for sure, but I found myself in a car wash. Hardly the stratosphere of priests or miracles, but there I was, watching my car muddle its way through the brushes and soap and wax, and I heard a man on the pay phone. “I need to get more cans of thirty-five mil,” he said, and my body tensed. He worked in movies! This was my possible entrance into my dream job! But my young mind quickly provided an argument, “Oh, I’m just young, and know nothing…what could he have for me?” So you know what God does in these situations, don’t you? The man came and started chatting with me. Next thing I knew I asked if they were hiring, and he smiled demurely, saying only, “We might be,” as he slipped me his card. Two weeks later and I had an entry level position at one of the top independent film companies in Georgia. A year later and I was working on a top NBC television show, In the Heat of the Night.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with my stint in computers, but let’s flash forward by about eight or nine years. I’d found myself in sales again since, as mentioned, this has always been my most natural gift. But not even selling something creative or inspiring—selling computer equipment. Granted, I was selling it all over the world in a post-communist era of commerce, which meant taking our company into little outposts like Croatia and so forth. See, God always keeps it interesting while he’s testing and growing you in a vineyard that might otherwise seem boring. He knew I loved travel and other cultures, so he gave me the opportunity to take our company into twenty-two new countries. But I felt shelved. I wanted to write and I wanted my own business, so day after day I prayed the, “whyGodwhymewhynotnowhymewhywhywhywhy?” prayers. Every. Single. Day.

When the time and inspiration came to completion, I opened the agency—which I will post about tomorrow—how that miracle transpired, but the thing I learned? The thing I could see had been so masterful in the divine plan? That every one of those six years at that particular, family-owned company had been a proving ground, and had been about teaching me about owning the agency. To this day, I put those acquired lessons into play, and while that job had absolutely nothing to do with agenting on the surface, it had everything to do with perseverance, self-starting, aggressiveness, and closing deals. I’m the agent I am today because when it made no sense on the surface, I stayed the course.

In this agenting gig I meet many writers who feel they’re on the shelf, or that their time will never come. I just want to tell each of you who might be reading this blog that there’s a time and season for all things, and that while you might feel on the shelf, trust that it’s part of some greater outworking. One day you may well look back on your own time of whyGodwhywhy and know that there’s been a purpose. As the Good Book says, “To everything there is a season.”

Your time is coming too.
Keep going. You will get there.

Friday, May 12, 2006


I love reading and writing paranormal romance. I love the alpha hero, I really do, but – do they all have to be alphas? I don't like all these alphas that populate the books, or rather, I do, but sometimes I want something else. Something (God forbid!) Different!

That might be the reason why I've only made one Amazon order this year, and I've been to e-publishers far more times than that, where there is much more variety to be had. I’m beginning to groan, and not with pleasure, when yet another big, tough, gruff, bossy man strides into the scene and tries to take over. He'll solve the problem, he'll be forceful and gentle with the heroine by turns, he'll fight the bad guys, he'll have an enormous member, he'll have an inner angst which the heroine will solve, and there you are. I would really like to read something else.
Give us the alpha hero, but give us some betas and gammas too!

A beta hero would be great to read about. Why shouldn't a werewolf be a beta, a gentle, caring man? I adore gammas - I think a lot of gammas are labeled alphas, just for marketing purposes. The loner, the man who doubts himself sometimes, the man who actually talks to the heroine and discusses things with her, a man who respects her opinion and isn’t afraid to act on it if he thinks she’s right.

I write people. I deliberately avoid the alpha-beta-gamma thing, and I think that's why I have dozens of rejection letters along the lines of; “We love your writing but we don't see how we can fit it into our lines - can you make your hero an alpha,” or something like that. I could, and if I wanted to bore myself to death writing the same character over and over I might, but believe it or not, money isn’t my prime objective in this (not that I’d complain if a bit more came my way!). Now I’ve found a publishing home, and I’m happy there, I’ve learned the benefits of having an editor who genuinely loves what I write and encourages me to keep my vision intact (thanks, Gail!)

I spent years in business, working for big corporations, and the alpha male of the romance book wouldn't have lasted ten minutes there, not with the team work and co-operation expected of them. The entrepreneur who doesn’t listen to anyone but goes with his personal vision is the exception, not the rule, and it doesn’t lead to long term business success. Once you remove the ‘image’ many put out, you see the right hand and left hand men, the people a good businessman (and sadly, it is still usually a man) has with him, not to ‘yes’ him, but to give him valuable advice. So perhaps I write about men I’ve known, men who are strong but listen to people, and learn from them, men who make their own decisions, but try not to upset people when they carry them out.

A man who knows how to handle a gun doesn’t wave it about all the time.

And yes, I love Gil Grissom

Thursday, May 11, 2006

And the Winner Is?!?!

Several months ago, I paired up with my wonderful friend Vicki Denney at to host a contest in honor of Parallel Attraction. The idea to feature ALIEN perfume as a special giveaway initially began while I was strolling through Sakes Fifth Avenue in NYC last year. They were promoting the perfume, and at first I thought only of Gena Showalter and Christmas! But then later an idea began to percolate…what if I gave away bottles of ALIEN perfume as a promotion for my alien romances? Hence the ALIEN giveaway was spawned! (Though I hate to use the words alien and spawned in the same sentence describing my series! LOL!)

A gigantic thanks to the multitudes of fans that signed up, we appreciate everyone’s participation and support. Without any further ado, the winners are…

1st Place: ALIEN perfume and signed copy of Parallel Attraction

2nd Place: Autographed copy of Parallel Attraction paired with Parallel Series goody bag
Congrats to all of our winners!

And, for all of you who haven’t had a chance to check out this website yet, what are you waiting for?! It’s a great place to catch up on new releases, author interviews, and great reviews. I might also mention that they highlight different authors every month, and hint hint hint you may have seen May’s spotlight around somewhere!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Knight Agency Blog: Time of the Season for...Questions!

The Knight Agency Blog: Time of the Season for...Questions!

Hey, gang:
I'm doing my question and answer gig over on the TKA blog once again. I am woefully behind on answering, but hope to catch up today, so pop on by!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Weird Publishing

I once had a call from an inmate, the kind of call that came in right as I was leaving the office. Passed it off to my assistant who later informed me that the woman was calling from prison--on her cell phone--because she was writing a book. HOW NOT TO KILL YOUR PARENTS. Uh, huh. And why was she in said prison? For murdering her folks. I kid you not. A real query call at TKA.

So, for some reason Jill Monroe's post put me in mind of that, crime and romance and all that. This is seriously one of the weirder things I've read lately. Check it out.

And check out my new secret beefcake blog. Ah, it's really not that bad. :) But I'm having fun at the moment with pics...which actually led me to Michele Rowen's blog by accident (she's posted some Vin Diesel at some point, and while searching for pics of him for MY blog, wound up at hers!!)

Take care,

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Parallel Realm

Monday brings confessions...
Let me know what you guys think!! :)

See link below...

EDITED to add: Don't know what was wrong with that link! Try this:

Deidre's Secret Blog

Hugs, De

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Knight Agency Blog: Listen Up Race Fans!

The Knight Agency Blog: Listen Up Race Fans!

All you NASCAR fans stop on by and chat with racing insider Liz Allison tonight at 9 pm EST!! See you there! Deidre