Monday, June 26, 2006

Are Aliens Really Among Us?

Tell me: What do YOU think? I was asked that question a lot during my interviews for Parallel Attraction, and the truth is that—crazy as I may sound—I do think aliens are probably real. It’s part of what fascinates me about them, enough so that I chose to write a series about the possibility of aliens living all among us.

My husband has written a number of science books, and one of the things he pointed out to me back about five years ago—and which was part of what inspired PA—was that the periodic table throughout the universe would be largely the same. From that, his own personal theory is that aliens wouldn’t look all that different from us. Well, maybe somewhat, but in the ways that matter, just like us. So… I came up with the Parallel series, but I forgot to research one critical matter. I invented Mirror Lake in the middle of Yellowstone because I thought about how pure and beautiful the lakes there are. Only last week did I discover my huge flub—there really is a Mirror Lake in Wyoming! Duh. Not only in Wyoming, but in Yellowstone to boot.

Even creepier and weirder? Some, uh, ufologist has come up with a conspiracy based around Lewis and Clark, Yellowstone, and… yes, Mirror Lake. Check this out:

Is this not the WEIRDEST thing ever??? I promise: I really did not ever check that there was a Mirror Lake in Yellowstone (and in fact the pictures I looked up don’t even resemble my fictional Mirror Lake.)

By the way, the picture above is the road that heads to Ufologically famous, Groom Lake. Thought it was apropros. :)
I need to know what you guys make of this and if you’re not seriously weirded out like I am.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I Saw a Sign: Faith and Madness in the Working World

I am having an inspiring week these past seven days or so, just those kinds of working days when it seems God is really revealing his presence in TKA life. Let's start with last week; Elaine was heading to her side job where she works on the bar staff in one of Athens' most upscale restaurants. Anyway, for some bizarre reason I felt the urge to extend my hand and pray a quick prayer aloud about her having a great night of tips. It was just a quick thing, but my faith was definitely *there*. Later that night, via blackberry, Elaine shoots me a short email that she can't wait to tell me how my prayers were answered. Turns out that out of 3-4 years of work at this establishment, she had a record-setting night of tips!!!!! It still gives me chills! Such a sign of God's love in our working life.

Flash forward to today! Judson is actually in Orlando auditioning for Jeopardy! He's done this once before, made it to the mock Jeopardy game, but we had a three day old baby at the time. My guess is that he wasn't quite on his game--they said they'd call him that fall about being on the show, but he never heard more. So here we are, June 06 and he's advanced to the audition round again (after passing a test that I could NEVER handle myself!) I'm working along, praying that his audition goes well, and an old friend stops in. Someone that Jud and I just talked about two days ago, remarking that we haven't seen her since last fall. We visit about ten minutes then she says to me, "The real reason I came by was to tell you that my brother-in-law is on Jeopardy tonight! And all this week!" I squealed, unable to believe that of all the times, all the days and weeks and months that she might have shared this info--that it would be TODAY! The day that Judson is in Orlando auditioning!!

I think it's a major sign, and I have no doubt that he will get on the show as a result of today's audition. :) And who knows after that?! Perhaps he'll win us some great money, but that's not the real point here. I think it's all about God revealing himself in our everyday world, showing us that even though we feel like we're down on this pea-sized planet, slugging along all by ourselves, that he is intimately involved in all we do. Or perhaps we could look at it this way--we all feel that our lives have a certain random quality, but nature is filled with patterns an sequences and rhythms. It only makes sense that our lives would be and are too.

Over and out.

Friday, June 16, 2006

TKA Chats: Editor Rose Hilliard

Feeling stuck? Got questions you would love to ask a real, living, breathing editor? Now's your chance!

Associate Editor at St. Martins Press
TKA Chat
Noon to 1PM EDT (Lunch chat!)

About Rose
Rose Hilliard is an associate editor at St. Martin's Press, where she handles romance, erotica and fiction for mass market, trade and hardcover. She began her publishing career in 2000 as an editorial assistant at Time Warner Book Group, and went on to work as an assistant editor at Penguin's New American Library. Some of the authors she has worked with include Virginia Henley, J. R. Ward and Judith Gould. She grew up in New Jersey and graduated from NYU.
Pack Friday's lunch full of questions!

To Get to the Chat Room
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


"more witty, funny and poignant adventures from the marvelous Kenner"

CALIFORNIA DEMON: The Secret Life of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom
by Julie Kenner
(Berkley Trade, June 2006)

What's a mother to do, when there are only so many hours in the day, and the fate of the world is in her hands?

Kate Connor was a retired demon hunter. Now, after fourteen years busting her tail as a suburban housewife, raising two kids, and supporting her husband's political ambitions, she's rejoined the workforce-and except for a few minions of evil, no one has a clue. She tries hard to keep her home and work lives separate-a good idea when your job involves random slaughter.

Between fending off demon attacks, trying to figure out why the mysterious new teacher at the high school seems so strangely familiar, and keeping a watchful eye on her daughter's growing infatuation with a surfer dude, Kate is the busiest-and most dangerous-soccer mom on the block…


• Groceries
• Pay bills
• Gas up the minivan
• Pick Allie up from cheerleader practice
• Clean out nest of evil, blood-thirsty preternatural creatures with a few wooden stakes, some holy water, and a can of Diet Coke
• Self-defense class
• Volunteer at nursing home
• Battle determined demon while making meal
• Put Timmy to bed
• Clean up dishes
• Dispose of demon carcass
• Iron Stuart’s shirt
• Write tomorrow’s to-do list



"more witty, funny and poignant adventures from the marvelous Kenner." Combining PTA dangers with demons certainly keeps the characters on their toes and readers chuckling. 4 stars – Romantic Times

While there is a plethora of outstanding romance/dark fantasy sagas currently being released … Julie Kenner's Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom novels are noteworthy in large part because of the author's wit and incredibly intuitive sense of humor. Lines like "Infiltrating a nest of vampires at dusk might be a tad on the treacherous side, but it's nothing compared to telling a fourteen-year-old that she's not allowed to wear eye shadow" will have readers laughing out loud from the first page to the last. If you've changed a leaky diaper, picked up a spilled sippy cup, or purchased a McDonald's Happy Meal within the last 24 hours, this fast-paced, delightfully irreverent amalgam of romance and dark fantasy is for you. – Barnes & Noble

National bestselling author Julie Kenner's first book hit the stores in February of 2000, and she's been on the go ever since. Her books have hit lists as varied as USA Today, Waldenbooks, Barnes & Noble, and Locus Magazine. Julie is also a former RITA finalist, the winner of Romantic Times' Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Contemporary Paranormal of 2001, and the winner of the Reviewers International Organization's award for best romantic suspense of 2004. She writes a range of stories from sexy and quirky romances to chick lit suspense to paranormal mommy lit. Her foray into the latter, Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom, was selected as a Booksense Summer Paperback Pick for 2005, was a Target Breakout Book, was a Barnes & Noble Number One SFF/Fantasy bestseller for seven weeks, and is in development as a feature film with Warner Brothers and 1492 Pictures.

Julie spent four years mainlining venti nonfat lattes in order to write, practice law full time, and take care of her kiddo. Then she wised up, quit the practice of law, and settled down to write full time. She now lives in central Texas with her husband, daughter, and a bunch of cats.