Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Contest for Newsletter Subscribers!

Deidre has announced a fab new giveaway exclusively for members of her newsletter! To celebrate the release of Book II of the Parallel Series, PARALLEL HEAT, Deidre will be giving away the most exciting Refarian prizes. One lucky winner will receive a Masini Gioielli Blue Oval Murano Glass & Sterling Silver Ring on October 4, 2006! Check out this beautifully sculpted Refarian ring!
Valued at $178.00, this sleek and gorgeous ring is part of the new Vanita' collection by Masini Gioielli, an Italian brand symbol of quality and prestige since 1946. Tarnish proof Sterling Silver gently enwraps precious blue Murano Glass in an open oval shape. Made in Italy.

Two runner up winners will each be awarded a signed copy of PARALLEL ATTRACTION and PARALLEL HEAT.

Enter today to have a chance at winning this beautiful piece. Of course, by signing up for my newsletter, you'll also get news about The Parallel Series and all the fun events Deidre have going on!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Louisa Seeks an Update

Thanks to my wonderful friend (and former editor), Louisa White for asking for an update on my event last weekend. Ahem, she's probably asking for a post--any post at all, right?? :)

Well, Wetumpka turned out to be a most interesting little town. Right off the bat Julie Ramsey and I (who went together) noticed that the place was a hilly town in the middle of a flat part of the state. Everything sat at surreal, odd angles, including the downtown structure itself that didn't have a square, but just intersecting streets. Well, what should we learn about this odd and quaint little town?
1) BISH FISH was shot there. Okay, so Tim Burton obviously saw the same sort of funky gothic feeling that I was starting to get. Hills where they didn't belong, that kind of thing.
2) The weird hills? Well, they were because Wetumpka sits right in the middle of a meteor crater.

Weird eh?

The writing event was great, and one of the most interesting panels I've been on in that it was a three hour workshop and consisted of the authors talking a lot about process and craft, and I found it really challenged me. Plus, we got to sit on the judge's bench b/c it was in the court house. :) See pic.

In other news, I am getting pretty excited because my next book, PARALLEL HEAT comes out in a month. Working like a mad woman on the third book which is due on just about the same date that HEAT comes out! Some days I love writing, just thrive on it and feel like there's no greater gift in the world. More days than that, however, I pretty much find it a hellish existence. It's a lot of tough, agonizing work punctuated by a few natural highs. :)

Still, you reach a sort of "home stretch" point while writing a novel and, frusrating as it may be to pull the whole thing together, you still feel that growing sense of satisfaction, knowing that you'll have a book to be proud of with just a little more work.

Hugs! D

Monday, August 14, 2006

Alabama this Weekend?

Deidre Knight,Wendy Wax, Kelley St. John, and Jennifer Echols will present a workshop on Writing Romance
Saturday, August 19, 9:00am-noon at the Wetumpka Public Library.
There is a $5 attendance fee.

A book signing will follow. Sure hope you can come out and enjoy the morning with me!

Wetumpka Public Library
212 S. Main Street
Wetumpka, Al 36092
(Behind City Hall)
***Sponsored by Friends of the Wetumpka Library***

For more information, please post here or log onto

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wherein Deidre Shrieks in Excitement!

Just got an amazing review from Romance Junkies on my upcoming release, PARALLEL HEAT. Woo hoo!! Writers are always so vulnerable--putting your work out there is the ultimate naked moment (sort of like those dreams where you're at a class reunion without your clothes on.) So getting an early review that's strong and favorable is about as great as life gets. Check it out!


I got their top score.

Let's all just say it together: Woo hoo and woo hoo. And while I'm at it, I'm posting a teaser pic. Can anyone guess what it's a pic of or where it's from?
Hugs, D