Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Author Tour: The Darkest Touch by Jaci Burton

Dell Publishing | October 2008

He’s a hunter, a savior, a seducer.
And she just can’t get enough…

Ryder. The man was just as sexy as she remembered him: Tall, lean and dangerous, a demon hunter with the body of a god… But archaeologist Angelique Deveraux has little time for lust. She’s been hiding a gleaming black diamond, a prize everyone wants—including Ryder—and now she’s running for her life. Hot on her trail is Ryder, a legendary demon hunter she desires but can’t quite trust, a man with an insatiable need for danger and a few dark secrets of his own… As sparks ignite between the rogue hunter and his latest prey, Angie’s world is rocked again when her twin sister vanishes, stolen away by the same dark forces stalking Angie and the black diamond. With Ryder offering protection— and more —suddenly a woman who’s never trusted anyone is falling for a man who isn’t afraid of anything…except losing his heart. Now, as an all-out demon war erupts and Angie’s family secrets unravel, Ryder’s demon-hunt and Angie’s quest to save her sister are about to collide. And when they do, it’ll send these two wary hearts on the wildest adventure of their lives—and maybe even save humankind in the process…



Jaci Burton was born and raised in Missouri but now lives on an acre-and-a-half in Oklahoma with her husband Charlie and five unruly dogs. Jaci loves to write about passionate relationships with sometimes stormy outcomes but always a happily ever after.

"Gifted Burton adds more dark thrills and sexy danger to her well-paced story as these protagonists must fight to choose their destiny." ~Romantic Times Bookreviews
"THE DARKEST TOUCH is a brilliant addition to this saga that cannot be missed by fans of erotic paranormal romance!
" ~Wild on Books


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Deidre Chatting Live at Coffeetime Romance Tonight, October 28th @ 9pm!

Don't miss out on the chance to ask Deidre about her latest release, RED FIRE , and also the upcoming sequel in the GODS OF MIDNIGHT series, RED KISS! This mega chat-fest has an ALL-STAR LINEUP including: Gena Showalter, Nalini Singh, Jennifer St. Giles, JC Wilder, Judith Gilbert, Cathy Clamp, CT Adams, Lori Handeland, Jade Lee and Dara Joy.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 28th @ 9pm ET

WHERE: Click here to visit Coffeetime Romance!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Exclusive: Deleted Scenes from Red Fire!

Find out how RED FIRE's prologue was originally written! This bonus material is exclusively available on Deidre Knight's message board. There are also some great discussions, amazing contests, book giveaways and spoilers aplenty for you to check out.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guest Blogger: Dani Harper

When a great black dog predicts your death, there’s only one thing to do.

Take it home and feed it.

A Leap of Knowing is my latest story and one of my favorites. It’s a new spin on the Welsh legend of the gwyllgi (also called a grim or a barghest), and has given me an opportunity to explore the land of my grandmother, at least via research. And to feel a just little closer to the tiny woman who played such an enormous role in my young life. Gramma crossed the ocean as a young bride-to-be. She never spoke of the country she left behind, or said much about magic, curses, and big otherworldly canines. When I was little, however, she cautioned me not to offend The Fair Folk and to mind that I didn’t bother them when I was in her garden picking gooseberries. Try as I might, I never caught a glimpse of the faeries, but that didn’t sway my belief a bit. In the Welsh language, the faery race is called the Tylwyth Teg. At night, it was customary to leave milk and bread on the back stoop for them, as a gesture of respect – and with a fervent hope that these immortal pranksters wouldn’t play tricks on the family. There was often bread on Gramma’s back lawn. I always assumed it was for the birds, but now I’m not so sure!

The story: Morgan thought she’d outgrown faery tales. Yet the successful veterinarian is hard-pressed to find a scientific explanation for the giant black dog that’s following her, or for the powerful – and naked – man who’s steaming up her dreams. Rhys is a proud warrior forced to serve the Fair Ones by heralding the death of mortals. When he meets Morgan Edwards, he’s tempted to change her fate. But only by accepting his incredible story can she change his. Can Morgan learn to see with her heart in time to save the man who has claimed it?

I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I loved writing it. And this Halloween, while watching out for the usual ghosts and goblins, perhaps you’ll feel compelled to heed a new admonition:

Beware the Tylwyth Teg!

Dani Harper

Dani Harper is a newspaper editor turned romance writer. She adores the paranormal and it’s no surprise that her first novel, Heart of the Winter Wolf, featured werewolves. Her newest story, A Leap of Knowing, features another type of changeling. Here’s the buy link – Check out her website for excerpts and other info.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cloud Nine

It's the a couple of days after the release of RED FIRE, and I am still floating on cloud nine! This book has gotten a tremendous response, and I am so thankful for the good reviews coming in! Below I've included a few snippets from some of the reviewers. But most of all I love to hear what my readers think! Can't wait to hear from you!

"Knight provides an intriguing new twist to both Greek mythology and legendary Spartan warriors with this searing new series, as she sets up an alternate world that begs to be explored." ─ Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times, 4 Stars: HOT

“Here is a story as rich and as vibrant as any myth, and for those who are interested in the paranormal, Red Fire is a real feast for the hungry and a no holds barred winner.”—

“…the entire story is pure genius – original, enticing and thoroughly entertaining. Red Fire has earned a place on my keeper shelf – and I can’t wait to see where this series goes next!” – Lynda, Simply Romance Reviews

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Take the Day Off! It’s Red Fire Release Day!

Today is a national holiday! Well, I’m proclaiming it is, anyway. RED FIRE RELEASE DAY! After countless hours of research, rewrites and late nights that turned into early mornings later…I am proud to share this first book in the GODS OF MIDNIGHT series! No rest for the weary though, I’ve got to get right back in the swing of things and polish off Book 2, RED KISS. However, just for today I am going to take some time to kick back, relax and enjoy myself.

I really hope you all love this series as much as I do, and I look forward to getting feedback from my readers! Click here to visit my website and find out more about RED FIRE and the amazing Not-So-Flat Ajax contest I’m running to kick-off the GODS OF MIDNIGHT series!

Friday, October 03, 2008

My Author Talk Video!!

The Author Talk video for RED FIRE is here! I had so much fun making this with my friends Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe. Everyone did a brilliant job, and we are just waiting for those Oscar nods to start rolling in. *crickets* Ha! Well Oscar might not come calling, but I promise you will be ROFL after watching this! All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up. ;)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Blogosphere Tour: Veiled Truth

by Vivi Anna
Silhouette Nocturne - October 1, 2008

Five years ago, virginal Lyra Magice had fled powerful dhampir Theron LeNoir's advances. But now an ancient text the dhampir possesses holds the key to solving murders that have plagued Necropolis. When another body is found and evidence points to the Mistress of the city, duty dictates that Lyra work with Theron—a man she regards as haughty, arrogant and immoral—to translate the symbols left at the crime scenes. But with their forced alliance comes darkly sensual dreams that leave her feeling wanton and achy….

Unwilling to reveal his dark past, the dhampir soon discovers that Lyra—a witch of great power—is to be the sacrificial virgin in a demonic scheme to open a portal to hell itself. Salvation will come only if Theron can win Lyra's trust—and her heart.

Canadian author, Vivi Anna likes to burn up the pages with her unique brand of fantasy fiction. Whether it's in the Amazon jungle, an apocalyptic future, or the otherworld city of Necropolis, Vivi always writes fast paced action-adventure with strong independent women that can kick some butt, and dark delicious heroes to kill for.
She writes for Silhouette Nocturne, Kensington Aphrodisia, Avon Red, and epublishers - Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing, Loose Id and Whispers Publishing. Also, she’s an active member of RWA, serving as President of her chapter in Calgary.

RT TOP PICK - “A police detective in Necropolis, witch Lyra Magice works with Theron LeNoir, half-witch/half-vampire, to foil a demon’s plot to take power within the city. Not to be overshadowed by the supernatural storyline of Veiled Truth (41/2), the relationship between Lyra and Theron is full of chemistry. Vivi Anna’s writing is wonderfully descriptive, and the plot is riveting. This book will definitely hold readers’ attention."
"Veiled Truth is a captivating, impossible to put down, story filled with mystery, intrigue, and passion that I totally adored.”Lyonene, Joyfully Reviewed, RECOMMENDED READ TOP PICK
"Another highly enjoyable urban fantasy romance from Vivi Anna! This series is consistently fun and fabulous—in a dark, crime-solving kind of way, of course.”Kay, Romance Reader at Heart