Friday, June 15, 2007


Yes, it's true--I have not blogged in what must seem like decades. The truth is that when Blogger changed over to it's googleverse format, I could no longer log in. It was an unncessary bit of stress in my overly stressed life, so I'll admit it--I just stopped blogging. :) Not that it was the ONLY reason, but it was a factor.

Today I realized something, though--the longer I go without blogging, the more I develop an almost healthy fear of doing so. As in, "Wow, but I have to explain why I haven't posted. I have to be brilliant, snarky, witty and inspired. I need to be deep. I need to post regularly...."

The list of shoulds related to blogging once I start down that path becomes daunting, and so I just DONT. :) But no more! I am determined to start dropping by here more regularly. So for today, I've got a great story.

I have a five year old who loves JAWS. Yes, you heard me, and NO, I'm not a bad mother. Today's kids aren't terrified by the movie like we were back in the day (I saw it in the movie theater and screamed when Ben Gardner's head popped out of the boat hull.) My kids think it's exciting, but not that real seeming. Anyway, she and I were watching the movie the other day, and it's that last moment. The one when Roy Scheider is gripping the sinking boat mast, his feet practically touching water, and he's got *ONE SHOT*. This is it. Rifle and man and oxygen tank. If he misses, Jaws is going to devour him. Da-da, da-da, da-da-da (my effort at capturing Jaws scary music.)

My five year old watches this and in classic Robert DeNiro voice simply says, "You wannna a piece of me?"

It doesn't get much better than that. :)
It's good to be back.