Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michelle Buonfiglio Picks BUTTERFLY TATTOO as a Top Ten Beach Read!

If you're aching to dive into the perfect summer read, Michelle Buonfiglio of Romance B(u)y the Book's Unabashedly Pleasurable Beach Reads will steer you in the right direction. The article is featured on BarnesandNoble.com, and guess what's at the top of her list? BUTTERFLY TATTOO!
Here's what Michelle said about the book:
After his lover's tragic death, Michael finds unexpected solace in the arms of a woman whose ability to overcome her own pain might calm his - and reunite him with his daughter. A brilliant exploration of the fluidity of sexuality - and the tenacity of the human spirit. Sure to grace many Best of '09 lists.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Favorite Romantic Scenes of All Time: Love in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Today, I have a special treat! Agent Nephele Tempest is sharing her most beloved romantic scene of all time for our summer film festival! So grab your popcorn, and get ready for the show!

I have a thing for bad boys. I also prefer my romantic couples with a little bit of snark, some witty banter back and forth, a healthy dose of teasing, and preferably a few sparks flying before they get to anything too mushy. No simpering heroines waiting to be rescued, thank you very much. They need to be feisty enough to keep those bad-boy heroes on their toes. So it probably comes as no surprise that one of my favorite onscreen couples ever is Han Solo and Princess Leia.

When THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK first hit theaters, I was eleven years old and perfectly primed for the Han and Leia romance. When they started snapping back and forth in the frozen hallways of the Rebel base on Hoth, I sighed happily. I smirked when Han got jealous over Leia kissing the injured Luke. And when the base was under attack and Han insisted on getting Leia out safely, I grinned from ear to ear. But nothing made my little pre-teen heart go pitter pat quite like their first kiss scene on the Millennium Falcon. A quiet corner, a little bit of welding, some hand rubbing and whispered banter. And that kiss. Han didn't even let her finish her sentence. I was hooked. Several decades later, that scene still makes me melt. After all, every girl needs a scoundrel or two in her life.

Guest Blogging @ Romance Reader at Heart's Novel Thoughts Today!

Come check me out at Novel Thoughts and Book Talk today! I'm talking about the phases of a writer's life and, of course, there's a great book giveaway!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Radio Star!

Deidre's interview with BlogTalkRadio's Cat Johnson live from the Romantic Times Convention in Orlando is now available. Click here to listen! (First interview, lasts 20 minutes)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Favorite Romantic Scenes of All Time: The Greatest Love of All

If we didn’t love it, we wouldn’t do it; we might even run from it. And I’m not talking about my addiction to Scrabble or scratch off lottery tickets or even TIVO.

I mean writing. My calling, my unshakeable gift. Yep, if we didn’t love it, would any one of us do it? The long hours, the angst, the self-doubt…but ah, the occasional soaring highs when breakthrough comes.

As it happens I spent this weekend following the #RWAChange chatter on Twitter—and working toward two separate deadlines. What a perfect backdrop for having watched one of the best writer movies of all time, and one that really captures our love affair with the writing life, WONDER BOYS. My favorite moment is when Katie Holmes character has just read most of Professor Tripp (Michael Douglas)’s 2700 page manuscript. He asks what she thinks; she hesitates then says, “You know how in writing class, you say that writers have to make choices?” He nods. “Well, and I could be wrong, but it sort of seems like you didn’t make any choices.”

Isn’t that our life story as writers? Struggling to make the choices—what to put on the page, what to leave off, what to leave in our twisted brains, what to share. I couldn’t find that clip, which pains me (if anyone else can, please post a link!), so I opted for the trailer which certainly captures the film’s pathos and writing humor. What are your favorite movies, books or television shows that look at the writing life??

Monday, June 22, 2009

Favorite Romantic Scenes of All Time: Bull Durham

One of my fave author friends, Maria Geraci, is carrying the torch today in the next installment of our mini summer film fest. Take it away Maria!

Oh My!
Anyone who’s read my recent debut novel, BUNCO BABES TELL ALL, knows that my main character, Kitty, has a slight problem. Eighteen years ago, she fell in love with Crash Davis, the character played by Kevin Costner in the film Bull Durham, and unfortunately for Kitty, her movie crush has interfered with her finding a real live, flesh and blood man who can compete.

So, I have to admit, as Kitty’s creator, her crush is my crush. And it all began with the famous “I believe” speech. Maybe it’s not terribly romantic, but honestly, is there anything sexier than Kevin’s (er, I mean, Crash’s) speech?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It Just Isn’t Summer Unless…

What movie says “summer” to you?? For me, and this may seem just a tad perverse, but that movie is Jaws. Every summer I have to break out the DVD, much like I must watch Christmas Vacation and It’s a Wonderful Life in December. So last night, I watched the movie and tweeted about my annual tradition.
Guess what I found out? Thanks to some of my Twitter friends, I learned that I am not alone! That there are other oddballs like me who equate watching JAWS with summer or Fourth of July weekend! So that got me thinking about my series featuring favorite romantic moments in flicks, and I KNEW I had to post the below. I’ve featured it before, a few years ago, but I think it’s perfect for our Most Romantic Moments series!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Favorite Romantic Scenes of All Time: Bennie and the Jets Anyone?

It’s probably no great secret to anyone by now that I’m a huge movie hound. Love all kinds of flicks, from the artier/indie ones to the grossly commercial summer blockbusters. But I’m especially a sucker for romantic movies, and like most romance authors probably have a list of movies with favorite romantic scenes.

I thought it would be fun to do a little blog series about some of my faves. To launch, let’s start with 27 Dresses and the Bennie and the Jets scene. As if it’s not already adorable enough—as if James Marsters isn’t made of yum—that moment when he hops off the bar and finally admits that he “cried like a baby at the Keller wedding.” This, after telling her he didn’t even remember writing that particular wedding column in an effort to seem jaded and cynical. Watching the clip, it hit me that he’d be a good bet for playing Jamie Angel in my Gods of Midnight. There’s not as much of him in RED KISS, more in RED FIRE, but he’ll definitely be getting a story of his own in the future!

Take a peek at this funny, charming and romantic scene:

King Leonidas's Private Dossier Revealed!!!

Deidre has posted King Leonidas's private dossier on Romance Novel TV! Find out the exclusive details of what the commander really thinks about his Spartan warriors. Pay attention, because there's a giveaway and quiz later! :) Click here!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Deidre Guest Blogging on ESPAN (Electronic and Small Press Authors' Network)

On ESPAN's blog, Deidre is challenging RWA's stance on recognizing digital publishers in the wake of a swiftly changing publishing landscape that is embracing the electronic format. Click here to check out this lively debate and weigh in!

Deidre Guest Blogging on Novelists, Inc. (NINC)

Deidre wrote an insightful guest blog post, "Writers and the Power of Imagination," on NINC about her recent Georgia book signing and how that event reaffirmed her belief that writers must trust their abilities and not let the fiction that they produce on paper sweep them away in real life. Here's a snippet:
"As authors, this is our greatest legacy, the power of our imaginations. But for some of us—myself, my clients (I’m an agent by profession)—I’ve noticed that this very gift can also be our undoing. So capableof spinning tales in our minds, it’s only one more step to concoct any terrible scenario that might befall our careers. Haven’t heard from your editor about the new manuscript yet? Of course not! She obviously hates it and can’t even put her thoughts into words. (Actuality: the editor’s boss just handed her a rush edit, so she got sidetracked.)"

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Knight Agency Blog: Guestblogger Maria Geraci: How To Get Published - TKA Style

The Knight Agency Blog: Guestblogger Maria Geraci: How To Get Published - TKA Style

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to have a blast with four other fabulous authors. We toured around Georgia, signing and doing Question and Answer. Maria Geraci has done a wonderful job of recapping the event! Go check it out! Hugs, Deidre

Deidre & Gena's Chat Transcript Now Available & RED KISS Mentioned on "True Romance"

Deidre and Gena Showalter had a blast answering questions in their Knight Agency chat last night! "Live" from Greece, of course. Everyone had fabulous questions about their respective series and publishing/writing in general. Lots of great info and plenty of "LOLs!" If you missed it, click here for the chat transcript! Don't forget to visit Gena's blog for the LAST day of Deidre and Gena's KISS & SEDUCE party. They are going out with a bang :)!

Also, congrats to Deidre for RED KISS's mention on True Romance, hosted by the "Queen of Romance," Sue Grimshaw! The Borders romance buyer spotlights the book as one of her "must reads" for June. Check it out here!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who's Your Fave Spartan?

Who would you rather...? *clears throat* I mean who is your favorite character in Deidre's GODS OF MIDNIGHT series? She's created a special poll for members of her Yahoo! e-group to find out who is foremost in her readers' hearts. Click here to get the poll: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DeidreKnightGroup/surveys?id=2197718

If you are not a member of Deidre's e-group, it's easy to sign up once you click the link above. Besides fun polls, Deidre often drops by to chat with members and runs exclusive member contests on the e-loop!

Deidre & Gena Chatting Live Thursday, June 11th @ 9pm ET

Deidre and Gena Showalter are bringing their KISS & SEDUCE party to The Knight Agency's chat room tomorrow night, Thursday, June 11th @ 9pm ET!! Both ladies will be dishing about their latest releases and can't wait to answer your questions. Of course there will be trivia and fab prizes. Make sure to mark your calendars! Directions for accessing the chat are below:

What: Online Chat with Authors Deidre Knight and Gena Showalter

When: Thursday, June 11th @ 9pm ET

Where: TKA Chat Room

How Do You Chat: Visit the chat room here: http://client1.addonchat.com/sc.php?id=115545. Enter a username and password (this can be any combination). Your computer must be Java enabled to chat.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

All-Expense Paid Trip to the French Riveria with Deidre & Gena Showalter!

Deidre and Gena are on Day Two of their week-long KISS & SEDUCE blog party! Today it's the white sandy beaches of The French Riviera. Take a break and join them for a sunbathing session while "Cabana Boy" refills your champagne glass. And, of course, they are giving away more books! So if you didn't win yesterday, try your luck again... See you there! Click here to enter the party: http://www.genashowalter.blogspot.com/

Monday, June 08, 2009

Deidre Knight & Gena Showalter Partying Around the World!

Deidre Knight & Gena Showalter are celebrating Deidre's new release, RED KISS, and Gena's upcoming release, SEDUCE THE DARKNESS, in sunny Jamaica today...well virtually speaking. LOL. Take a break from your hectic Monday and join them by the pool for a sip of rum punch and a few beefcake sightings :)! Leave a comment and possibly win FREE BOOKS from Deidre and Gena. They're partying all week long -- so check back often! Who knows where they'll end up next!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Spartans in the summertime...

Deidre is making a few guest apperances this week on Penguin's blog in celebration of the second book in her GODS OF MIDNIGHT series, RED KISS, releasing June 2nd. Come out and help her party!! She's giving us the deets on our fave Spartans' summertime plans. What exactly do Spartans do for fun in the summer? Slip-n-slide? BBQs? A quite Caribbean cruise. Click here to find out.