Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Determined Face of the Writer

That is, determined to finish her revisions. I don’t have a snapshot for this one, but picture me here, in my t-shirt and shorts and wearing what my honey lovingly calls my “birth control glasses.” I am rationing out my visits to the Net and e-mail like little chocolates to a prisoner. You wrote two pages? Here, little writer prisoner girl, you may see what’s happening in cyberspace—come to the cyber window! Oh, you are approaching the end of that scene? Then, for being a very good girl, you may check your agency queries. What? No progress? Then log off of Outlook, naughty lady.

That, my friends, is how I’m spending my Saturday. How about you guys?


Anonymous said...

I'm supposed to be writing a synopsis while doing laundry. But first I'm getting my morning blog fix.


Gena Showalter said...

I'm knee deep in revisions for a proposal, but they are going so wonderfully and sooo much better than I anticipated that I'm a happy little elf and am allowing myself play time in cyberspace. Come and join the fun, she tempts...

moonhart said...

I am avoiding writing by doing housework.

I am sooooo pathetic.


Deidre Knight said...

Well in Gena's immortal words: "I'm kissing ass!" I've written ten glorious pages today, and I dont plan to let up any time soon! Hee.

Brenda said...

*groan* Writing my pitch, which I've never done before.

And here I thought the idea of a synopsis was daunting...

LOL....birth control glasses.

Gena Showalter said...

Ha! Yes, I'm kissing major ass too. And it's fun, yes?

moonhart said...

Your writing about hot donkey sex?



moonhart said...

Oh! *major" ass? That's like...what? An army donkey having hot sex?


Terri (avoiding. avoiding. avoiding.)

Gena Showalter said...

Yes, and the tentative title is HeeHaw Banshee: The braying army strikes the final blow.

It is HOT!

Deidre Knight said...

You guys are tickling me to pieces. Sequel?


Ellen said...

I can so relate, Deidre. I've spent the last two weeks in revision h*ll. I finally got one novella finished and the other ALMOST finished. DH (my critique partner) has to read through it once more, then I'll fix anything he finds that needs fixing-- and he keeps finding stuff, darn him *g*. After that I'll send it out into the cold harsh world. At that point I may actually *gasp* take a week-long vacation. Or maybe not. There's this story I've been thinking about writing...

Deidre Knight said...

Ellen, on one hand I really love revisions. It's fun to dig into a work and really take it to the next level. On the other, you're so sick of looking at the book by then it's like, EWWWW!

On the Donkey series, came up with another title. The heroic leader who unites everyone--that story? It's called...BRAYHEART!

Ellen said...

*Snort* Oh, that is truly terrible, Deidre. You've obviously been working much too hard:-).

Deidre Knight said...

Hee, Ellen. And if it's a SOAP opera?
The Bray and the Beautiful

Shannon McKelden said...

I'll trade ALL your writing procrastination for all the appendectomies, colonoscopies, and abscess lancings that I've had to type for the last 7 hours! Anyone? Anyone?! I will do your revisions for you! Well, as soon as I'm done with my own, of course. ANYTHING but one more gallbladder removal. Please. I'm begging.

How soon until Reno? 16 days, 19 hours and 27 minutes until that freaking plane takes off the ground! Yay!

moonhart said...



Science fiction genre:



Ha! I just wrote a page.


moonhart said...


Land of the Free; Home of the Bray.

Baseball Team:

The Atlanta Brays!

Self-help book:

Bray Zen.

Historical Romance:


Terri (losing her mind)

moonhart said...

And of course for writers:

Writing the Bray-kout Novel

Forgive me Donald Maas.


moonhart said...

Country Music:

Achey Bray-key Heart.

Terri (running for cover)

Shannon McKelden said...

Terri, those are soo funny! You should be a writer! :-)

Gena Showalter said...

We've created a new genre. Donkey Fiction. Giddeup, cowgirls!!

moonhart said...

Dear Nice Shannon,

Thank you, I am a writer. Prepubbed and working on the last chapters of my WIP.


And yes, I write paranormal romantic comedy.

Thriller genre:

Silence of the Mules.

Terri (heehee)

Jaci Burton said...

Misery loves company doesn't it? I was in the shoes you're in all last week, D, hiding in my self-imposed misery cave, but now I'm celebrating. I've finished my bitch (literally) of a book that has plagued me for weeks, a week under deadline and now I can get back to that proposal I was working on before some agent thinks I forgot her ;-)

Anonymous said...

At least you guys are editing your own mss. I'm still working on a client book, and my heart really wants to be in my own.

Bray-king up is Hard to Do. \;+)

Jaci Burton said...

You've Got Mule

BatMule Begins

D...I wanna see the Birth Control glasses.

I knew I shouldn't have stopped in here *g*

moonhart said...

Stephen King book:

The Green Mule


moonhart said...

Broadway show:

The Sound of Mule-zic

(Please someone stop me)


moonhart said...

Disney movie based on a Chinese folktale:




moonhart said...

Half-asses on the Internet:



moonhart said...

Monty Python Movie:

Life of Bray-an


moonhart said...

Tearjerker movie starring Rex Harrison:

The Ghost and Mrs. Mule


merlinsmuse said...

I haven't done any writing, but I spent the day downtown, "selling my wares", at our annual StreetFest. With the streets closed off, activities for adults and kids, live entertainment and vendors of all kinds, it's a prime time to sell copies of my book. Just got home and I am exhausted, but there are now more people reading my book. :-)


Deidre Knight said...

You guys are all too funny!

Gina Black said...

How I Spent My Saturday...I spent all day at an RWA chapter meeting, mingling with my fellow writers and listening to great advice from Joan Johnston who did an all day talk.

First thing this morning, I practice pitched to Susan Squires, who was immeasurably helpful in getting me ready for National. Then after lunch I found out I'm a finalist in the Orange Rose!! Definitely a nice day.

But after 4-1/2 hours sleep last night, I don't expect I'll get too much done now that I'm home because my bray-n is melted. ;)


Deidre Knight said...

Ooh, Gina, what did you learn at the seminar?

I, for one, am marveling at how much TIME and effort it really does take to write a book. I always know it, but then you reach this point, and you're like, "Wow, what a lot of work for something so relatively insubstantial in the grand scheme of life." LOL!

TJ Brown said...

I spent my morning at my first local chapter RWA meeting. I had a wonderful hostess who introduced me as someone everyone should get to know because I am the Portland/Vancouver Editor for NW woman Magazine, but most importantly, the Book Club managing editor. I've never in my life felt so welcome anywhere;-)

Then I was taken out to lunch where I scmoozed with everyone only to find that I had a huge piece of sirloin steak in my teeth.

That old tripping when I meet a vip thing again. Sigh!

FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

**smirk** Well, I am surfing on Sunday, because I actually sat on my a** yesterday and got on a writing roll and did, like, 3000 words...oh, yeah! **Major victory dance**. Now, of course, it's Sunday and the glories of yesterday need somehow to be repeated....

Love to all,

Anonymous said...

LOL on the "Bray" stuff }:)

Gina Black said...

Ooh...I learned a bunch. Joan Johnston's talk was mainly about business and strategy--things you know all about. But for me, it was very interesting to hear about her negotiations (with real figures) once she hit the NYT list, and how she has handled other situations.

Now it's Sunday afternoon, and I imagine Deidre and the Bloggers all writing away, as I shall be momentarily now that I have relocated my office to a cooler part of the house. :)

Shelley Bradley said...

LOL. This sounds way too familiar. Case in point, I should be wrapping up a book now...and I'm surfing. I'm also obsession about the upcoming Harry Potter book. But I'm definitely not writing! Bad me!

Shelley Bradley said...

Obsession? Geez! Make that obsessing.

I must be having a metal braykdown *g*!

DianaLuke said...

I should be writing, but gotta read blogs ;)

Cynthia Alvarez said...

I'm spending my Saturday, reading this blog ;)