Monday, August 15, 2005

Surreal...and Available!

So, it's that moment that every modern day author dreams about: my book is now for sale on amazon!! Now, don't go looking for it by my name, though, because as has often been the case throughout my life, my name is misspelled. :) But you CAN click through this link to pre-order my book, PARALLEL ATTRACTION, from Amazon. Which simply blows my mind!


Anonymous said...

Sorry they misspelled your name, but, MAN, that cover's HOT!

(Didn't get to praise it the first time)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Deidre! Great feeling isn't it?

And especially when you're cover's so hot!

Anonymous said...

your cover's so hot.

It's late here.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Deidre- do you know if it is going to be introduced internationally?- Because I would buy it if it was


Luvya from Roswell Fanatics.

Anonymous said...

I'm so incredibly proud of you! I have been reading over your fanfic, just to psyche myself up for this!!! I cant wait until it comes out, I'm gonna run out and buy it! :) Keep up the great work!

(also from Fanatics)

Deidre Knight said...

Selena and luvya, so great to see some of my friends from Fanatics!! Thanks for stopping by, and you guys rock! D

Anonymous said...

Deidre congrats! I am a fan of your work on fanfic and have been waiting for this book for quite some time. What can I say... I am proud and happy for you! I can't even imagine what you must be feeling now that you have a published work. I know I'm thrilled! Off to buy several copies, one for me and the others as presents. :-)


Anonymous said...

hey deidre, i'm a huge RF lurker and have LOVED your work for the longest time. you don't know me but i just wanted to say congratulations on getting your work published. the cover is amazing - kinda reminds me of M&L (his body, her eyes lol).

i wish you all the best. xxx


Ana said...

Hi Deidre, Congrats and that cover is fantastic. Definitely "Parallel Attraction" is on my to buy list.

Deidre Knight said...

Hi, Guys! Thanks again! Just love that you're all ordering--or planning to order--the book!! YEA! Thanks so much for the support. :)