Friday, September 16, 2005

Blog On, Garth!

At Last! A Moment For Blogging!

And if only I had all the moments I want for writing. You know, as an agent sometimes writers tell me they don’t have enough ideas, and I have to admit, that’s not the problem for me. My problem is all about that self-duplication principle. Wish I could put it into practice. Right now, I’m juggling at least two good YA ideas that I can’t possibly write—not with a clean conscience since I have a book due in March. I also have about four or five wonderful women’s fiction ideas. Again, no dice. The good news, as I was recently celebrating with my sister and agent (Pamela Harty), is that we sold a series that is just so fun for me to write, and not because it’s “simple” (as some would say of romance, and we who write—and read it—know that’s far from true.) Rather, it’s fun and easy to write because it comes, at least I think, most naturally to me.

It’s been an interesting year. Our agency is exploding, quite literally, with sales double what they were at this exact point twelve months ago—and those sales were already way up over previous years. We’ve bought office space, and are moving into the new building in about a week… a number of new employees, too, who are all doing a marvelous job, but who also require training. It’s as if this fantastic machine just gained a whole new level of power and traction. But juggling the machine’s “evolution” with my personal life, my writing life, and my sanity sometimes has its moments, and frankly? Sometimes I feel tired. This week I’ve had this horrid sinus complex, and it was the last straw. Yesterday, I’d completely lost my voice, and today—just as a “for instance” I was talking to an editor who kindly asked about my weekend and so forth, and I had to say, “Ohhh, gotta (cough, cough), probably (cough, cough) gooooo!” Nothing like being struck dumb by a dreadful cough, is there?

But back to the company growth factor. The neat thing about hiring a number of new people (TKA has added four new employees this year) is that it shakes off the predictability of your job. I mean, of course agenting isn’t predictable, by any means—that’s what I love about what I do, that ever-changing aspect. But you hire new people who are fully invested and excited, and it’s like moving to a new town: everything looks shiny and new again. The people we’ve brought into our team are all so vivacious and gung ho, it’s really a breath of fresh air… so why do I feel tired? Probably because I have come to the pitiful conclusion that I’m not capable of replicating myself, and I am only ONE person. It’s the modern woman’s dilemma, isn’t it?

On a totally unrelated note, tonight my daughters and I made popcorn (hubby is at the American Christian Writers Conference in Nashville—I’m a conference widow), and we decided that we would not eat any until the movie actually started. Well, this level of discipline is a wee bit of a challenge for my three year old daughter, and at one point I looked over and she’d shoved her entire face down into the bowl. Only the blonde curly back of her head poked out, as she apparently gobbled as much as she could get while “bobbing for popcorn.” I swear her little hands were even poised behind her back!

I’ve been sad not to have more time for blogging, and I almost feel like all of you, who have been such generous readers and posters, have had the patience of old friends. I do promise to come around more, and not always with a “why-god-why” style of whining about my time issues.
Hugs to all!


Anonymous said...

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Val said...

"bobbing for popcorn"! That's so cute!

My only question is did she actually think you wouldn't notice? Or did not using her hands make it "not as bad"? I guess I'm just curious about what was going on in her head...

Deidre Knight said...

LOL! Valmarie, it was an obvious grab for whatever she could get, as fast she could get it! She's a total sanguine, so she's all about the gratification element. :) Beyond that, she's a character and a half!

Sylvia Day said...

I don't know how you do it all. You have my total admiration for all you accomplish. :) (And you have to put up with me, too. Poor thing.) *g*

Deidre Knight said...

{{{{Smooches to Syl!!}}}}
(Watching SG-1 b/c now that Ben Browder's on here, wow, suddenly interested...)

TJ Brown said...

It is the modern woman's dilemma.

My 15 year old son is starting his volunteer stuff up at the zoo again only this year he is doing two days. Add that to 6 days at the rink, (daughter skates and son works there) and I feel like I am in the car all the time.

I have come to the conclusion that while I can't do everything if I go really fast it appears as if I can.

Have fun! The running has only begun for you. Nothing like non driving teens to wear you out.

Congrats on the agency's success though:) That's awesome!

Jaci Burton said...

One of my writer friends and I frequently lament that we need clones, though we're certain if we had them they'd probably be off sunning themselves in Fiji while we were chained to our computers writing. Can't win, ya know? ;-)

Your daughter sounds precious. Wouldn't you have loved to have a picture of the popcorn moment? *g*

The Girl You Used to Know said...


Feel better soon. Take this weekend to rest. (You remember rest, don't you?)

Anonymous said...

Bobbing for popcorn?? Oh, I wish you'd taken a picture of that one!!

Hope you have a restful weekend--feel better!

Ellen said...

I have no idea how you accomplish as much as you do, Deidre. I can barely juggle kids and a little writing. I'm sorry about your sinus problem-- relax over the weekend and maybe you'll get rid of it. Hope you feel better!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I've decided time is actually very stretchy, but not in the good way. It seems everyone I know has too little of it, no matter what they have to do.

It's the same as the money thing. Unless you're really rich or really frugal, you spend what you make.

Unfortunately, having everyone empathize with your time and tiredness doesn't make it at all better. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Deidre, take care of yourself. We don't want you getting burnt out!


Deidre Knight said...

You guys are so sweet. Honestly, I feel better today. I think I've just been gunning hard lately, and getting sick was the last topper. :) Better today, though, and only anticipate feeling even better still.


Marley Gibson said...

I'm blown away by all you do and all you manage to do and all you juggle and plan to do. You're a complete amazement! Hope you're feeling much, much better!

Marley = )