Thursday, October 06, 2005

So you wanna copy of the transcript?

Wow! What an awesome chat with Deidre Knight! The hour + was filled to the brim with information. AND we have a transcript available on The Knight Agency Yahoo! egroup site. Now, first you will have to be member to get to the transcript, but that is easy enough to do. Simply click below and follow the instructions to login.

Click here to join Knightagency
Click to join Knightagency

And while you're at it.. might as well join up no Deidre's egroup too! See below:

Click here to join DeidreKnight
Click to join DeidreKnight
Okay, so now you've joined up. The next step is to click on the menu option "FILES" under either of these groups. The name of the file is (it's the only one on TKA's egroup page so far):

"Lunch Chat with Deidre 10-06-05.doc: Transcript for TKA Chat with Deidre Knight 10-06-05"
Just click on the file and download it! Enjoy!!!


merlinsmuse said...

This is great. I was teaching class and didn't get to the chat until the last five minutes. Now, I can read at my leisure.


Nalini Singh said...

I missed the chat so thanks for the transcript! Some of your answers were very eye-opening.