Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Weird Publishing

I once had a call from an inmate, the kind of call that came in right as I was leaving the office. Passed it off to my assistant who later informed me that the woman was calling from prison--on her cell phone--because she was writing a book. HOW NOT TO KILL YOUR PARENTS. Uh, huh. And why was she in said prison? For murdering her folks. I kid you not. A real query call at TKA.

So, for some reason Jill Monroe's post put me in mind of that, crime and romance and all that. This is seriously one of the weirder things I've read lately. Check it out.

And check out my new secret beefcake blog. Ah, it's really not that bad. :) But I'm having fun at the moment with pics...which actually led me to Michele Rowen's blog by accident (she's posted some Vin Diesel at some point, and while searching for pics of him for MY blog, wound up at hers!!)

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