Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Hard Left Hook

So I’m watching a little film called MATADOR starring Pierce Brosnan. Never been all that crazy about him as an actor mostly because he’s always played the “way too beautiful.” I like yummy men just like all the rest of us, but there’s something about his easy-greasy way that’s never set quite right with me. And then, as I say, I plug in this DVD, cheese-ballish and whatever. Seems like a low-rent DVD.

And then the unexpected happens… that opening hook that catches me off-guard—in a book or a movie—and makes me keep on going beyond my planned interaction. I’d given this one about ten minutes, but then, all of a sudden, ole Pierce wakes in bed with a Bond beauty. Yep, what I expected—right until he snags her nail polish, hidden in her purse, and begins to lovingly paint his toenails in a glittery, shiny purple polish. Um, what’s up with that? And so I’m completely drawn in.

So, I’m trying to think of other strong examples of this sort of thing, the movie or book with an early setup that catches you off guard. Want to play with me and offer up examples?

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