Monday, October 16, 2006

Blog Consolidation

Hey, Friends:
So, not that many of you follow my PARALLEL blog, but just FYI, I'm going to be folding that blog into this one. In the next week or so, look for that blog to discontinue and become part of this one. We might get a little more beefcake here, lol, and you'll probably have more posts here. FYI, just expect that change.

Also, for those who like discussion, check out my deidreknightgroup, where we're chatting about the Parallel Series and other fun things! Hope you'll join us! Hugs, D


Zinnia said...

I have several blogs. One here, My Space, Yahoo 360. They can be exhausting to keep up with for promotional uses.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you. It's hard enough to keep up with one! Hugs! Oh, you gotta come see my cover for WM on my blog. :-)

tinyblob said...
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