Monday, November 06, 2006

Factoids, factoids, factoids!

So, I’ve been tagged by Kristen Painter and I’m supposed to reveal five interesting things about myself. This, of course, assumes that there ARE five interesting things for me to reveal. Snort.

I’m going for it:
1) I once cut myself out of a Winnie the Pooh turtleneck that was stuck across my face. I was nine years old and felt personally betrayed by the cuddly ole bear.
2) I was first published at the same age when my essay on Barbie dolls was printed in our local newspaper.
3) My house was the first in our town of Madison, Georgia to have running water.
4) I have a secret, hidden third tentacle. Ha! Got you there, didn’t I? I did bike 1,000 miles across Europe when I was eighteen years old, though.
5) My mother and I share a last name despite the fact that I’m married (in other words, she remarried a man named Harry Knight and I married Jud Knight, so we have the same last name.)

And now I need to tag some people. Hmm, I choose to tag Shannon McKelden, Kristen Nelson, and Cheyenne McCray. Have fun, gals.


Shannon McKelden said...

Fun facts definitely! :-)

Here are mine, done a few days ago. Except that I was playing differently at the time...I have 4 facts and a lie. The answer has already been revealed, but see if you can guess. :-)

Tempest Knight said...

I was never much a Winnie Pooh fan. I was more into Tigger or Igor. *lol*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag (not) ;-) I forgot about it, so I'll do mine on Saturday. Today I put up cool pictures from my dad fighting a fire in 1970 and a quilt my mom made from that. Tomorrow I need to get Rebecca's book up for the blog tour. So I'll do my tag on Sat. :-) Come see the quilt! It's so cool.

Rae Monet said...

What!!!!!???? You still have your maiden name even after being married. Well, at least you didn't have to change it to take your hubby's last name. LOL.

Janice Lynn said...

So, where is it you hide that 3rd tentacle??? ;)

Interesting facts. Is your mother married to someone related to Jud? My mom's sister married my dad's brother so we have some funky family names going on too that confuses people.

Zara Penney said...


I can't imagine anything worse than getting stuck in a Winnie the Pooh jumper

The more she pulled it

The more she squeezed it

The more she tugged it

The tighter it got.

Whether it shrunk

Or whether she'd grown.

Nobody cared.

It had to be cut!

He asked Piglet if that was a good Hum.

Piglet had to think a bit.

"As long as you don't accidentally cut the ears so you can't hear the hum, I suppose it is."

With apologies to AA.Milne. ;-)

Crystal Jordan said...

Poor Pooh Bear. I'm sure it was just like the time he got stuck in Rabbit's house because he ate too much. Oopsy.

Wow, I feel like a dork for having that random factoid.

Isabella said...

Wait a minute: you have two tentacles that aren't hidden?! :)

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