Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lunchbox Chat with Deidre Knight Tomorrow!

We are getting ready to kick-off our upcoming Chat Season with our very own Deidre Knight. Since this is a special treat we figured we would take you all on a little date for the event, a lunch date that is, by doing one of our “lunch-box special” chats at 12 noon EST tomorrow. Get your questions ready; curious about what an agent does, trying to figure out how to get one, wondering “what’s hot”? No topic to be left unturned! We can hardly wait!

To Enter the chat tomorrow:

Follow this link (, enter a screen name and simply select “login.”

*Rules of Play: To keep things organized, the chats are all moderated. The moderator will begin by posting the following rules of play: when you have a question, simply type a “?” and the moderator will keep a list and call on you when it is your turn.

*Chat tips:
When waiting on your turn, type your question in Word or another application so when it is your turn you only have to copy and paste. (Keeps the chat running smoothly)
Click on any screen name in the list to open a Private Message conversation (a lot like AIM).

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