Monday, December 03, 2007


Yep! You heard correctly. The one and only Deidre Knight will be starring in the TKA Chat Room tonight, December 3, 2007 from 8-9PM EST. Just in case you haven't heard the great news, December 4th, (TOMORROW!!!) is the official release day for PARALLEL DESIRE, the final installment in Deidre's Midnight Warriors series.

Be sure to stop by tonight and chat with Deidre about her fabulous new title and writing life in general. What better opportunity for a little motivation than a chat with not only an awesome author but an industry professional to boot! Woo!
Check out below for more on Deidre's exciting new title!

Deidre Knight continues her electrifying Midnight Warriors series, set in an alternate world where desire comes with a price...and love is the greatest risk of all.
On a mission of vengeance, time traveler Scott Dillon finds himself marooned in the past—and risks disrupting the entire universe in his quest to destroy the warrior who killed his wife and unborn child.

A never-ending passion for Scott lures Refarian medic Shelby Tyler to Texas, but the man she finds there is nothing like the man for whom she once cared. Reeling from his loss, Scott has lost himself in drinking and brawling. With her body, Shelby will lift him from despair. And with her heart, she will help him discover a part of his soul he thought was lost forever—and the devastating truth behind the murder of his wife.

To Enter the chat tonight:

*To enter the chat room, follow this link (LINK TO CHAT ROOM), enter a screen name and simply select “log in.”

*Rules of Play: To keep things organized, the chats are all moderated. The moderator will begin by posting the following rules of play: when you have a question, simply type a “?” and the moderator will keep a list and call on you when it is your turn.

*Chat tips:Always check the blog for any last minute announcements concerning the chat.When waiting on your turn, type your question in Word or another application so when it is your turn you only have to copy and paste. (Keeps the chat running smoothly)

*Click on any screen name in the list to open a Private Message conversation (a lot like AIM).

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