Monday, March 10, 2008

So I'm Doing a Fly-By

Hello, Friends!

I am the lamest of the lame, at least when it comes to posting on my blog. I always vow to do better; I rarely do. But I'm hoping, honest to Pete, that I will do better in the coming months.

To that end--the end where I'm actually more involved in the cyber-world--I've launched a new message board. Totally current, much more manageable than the one I had a year or two ago. I'd love to have you do your own version of a fly-by!! LOL!
I'm including a beautiful image from ancient Greece, just one of many artistic images that I've been studying in the past year. Weird fact about me: I was an art history major. Maybe that's why I love pulling up endless images of ancient art. Stay tuned: Many more images to come!! D

Come on by! HUGS!! D


Kristen Painter said...

I'm signed up!

Louisa Edwards said...

Good gracious, that's a sexy image with the wings! Where did that come from?

Missy Sue Hanson said...

Love your blog! I will be back often! Now I'm off to visit that board!