Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ajax is running out of time! Help him by entering the Not-So-Flat Ajax Contest today!

Have you invited Ajax, the immortal Spartan hero of RED FIRE, to your home yet? Why not!?! You're standing in the way of true love!
Deidre is giving away a Nintendo Wii© and seven American Express gift cards to the winners of the Not-So-Flat Ajax Contest, which ends December 31st, 2008. All you have to do is help Ajax as he travels the country searching for his prophesied love Shay Angel. To enter download a picture of the warrior at www.DeidreKnight.com, snap a photo representing the time you spent together while he was traveling through your town and upload the photo to Deidre's website. It's as easy as pie.
What better way to start of the New Year than with an awesome Wii© game console or a few extra AMEX bucks in your pocket? And you get to have a hunky Spartan in your very own living room.Can't beat that!
Email any questions to ajaxcontest@deidreknight.com. For examples of contest entries, click here to visit Deidre's message board.


kmt1976 said...

I had an enjoyable trip with Ajax this fall. I've decided to invite him along when we go to Texas for Christmas. He seems to enjoy those hot nights!

kmt1976 said...

I enjoyed your Author Talk interview. I have some REALLY big bowls here if you ever need them. :>)

Deidre Knight said...

Karin! OMG! That's hysterical! :) You know, I really wanted one of thsoe jumbo bottles of champagne that restaurants sometimes keep on hand. I had visions of Gena and Jill tilting that giant thing back on the video! :) Deidre