Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Butterfly Tattoo by Deidre Knight


GladysMP said...

Are all your contests going to include entry by Twitter, Facebook, etc.? I don't belong to any such and just wondered about the chance of winning.

Becke Davis said...

Just ordered it - I've been looking forward to this since I read all the wonderful reviews of the ebook!

We met in the insanity of the book signing at RWA National -- best of luck with your new release!

Jia Gayles said...

Hi Gladys,

If you look in the post above, you will see six different methods for entry. In your case forwarding the book's purchase receipt via mail or email might be the best way to enter. Also, you could write a review on Amazon and receive 15 entries into the contest -- which is the highest amount you can get!

Becke, so glad to here that you just ordered the book! I know you will enjoy it. :-) Please remember to forward your receipt to contests@deidreknight.com so that you can be entered into the contest. I know Deidre appreciates your support!

All Best,

Jia Gayles

Jeff Reid said...

This book - and 7 others by Deidre Knight - are ALL available to 'cast' at Storycasting (dot) com. Who do YOU see in "the movie in your mind"? Go to Storycasting and tell everyone , with photos!