Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Chat Party with Deidre & Steampunk Tea Winners

To celebrate RED DEMON's release, Deidre is throwing an impromptu chat party this Thursday, June 10th @ 8pm ET, in the Knight Agency chat room. We have a special guest planned, and I have it on good authority a few prizes will be given out. Make sure to put it on your calendars! Deets on how to chat:

What: Chat Online with Deidre
When: Thursday, June 10th @ 8pm ET
Where: The Knight Agency Chat Room
How to Chat: Enter a username and password (any combination). Choose "Login." **Your computer must be java-enabled to chat.

Thanks to everyone who attended Deidre and Gena's fab steampunk tea party! Winners of Deidre's Gods of Midnight books and bookplates are listed below!

Gods of Midnight Book of Choice Winners (Pick either RED FIRE, RED KISS or RED DEMON):
Dino Rubio

Gods of Midnight-themed Signed Bookplate Winners:
Laura P.
Tori [Book Faery]

**Winners, please email your physical addresses to contests(AT)deidreknight.com.**


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