Thursday, April 28, 2005

Oh Writer, Thy Name Be Praised!

A short one tonight. It is late, and I am far beyond the realm of rested reason. Still, I thought I'd share something funny with all the writers who visit this blog.

A kind of spam floats about in agents' mailboxes, something that seems to originate in a querying author's rolodex, and tends to blast a bunch of literary agents all at once. It's usually recognizable because the subject might be, "your submission." Or "submission guidelines." That kind of thing. Then, in the body of the email--originating from some fellow agent's email box (again, copied out of that unknown writers rolodex) will be "see attached" or whatever other familiar spamish thing comes with the note.

So, recently I'm writing along on a Sunday afternoon, battling my way uphill through a particularly nefarious section in my novel, when an e-mail pops into my box. I open it, thankful for ANYTHING else to do at that moment, and discover one of these agent spams. And what does the small missive say?

"You are a bad writer."

Nothing more, nothing less. And for that passing moment, I couldn't argue with the fact. :)

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