Saturday, September 17, 2005

Bobbing for iPods

It was inevitable, really. In fact, rather than ask how it happened, I suppose I should wonder why it didn't happen sooner. Riley, the three-year-old went bobbing for iPods. MY iPod, to be exact, and now said electronic device is missing. Lost, somewhere in the Great Toy Abyss. It's pitiful when you have the urge to walk into your child's bedroom, shake them by the shoulder and demand that they wake. I want to shout Who Moved My iPod?!!? Only I know who moved it. I can picture her small, vaguely innocent hand clutched about the steely blue of my Mini. I just can't see where she has hidden away this item like prize booty. Perhaps in the Fisher Price dollhouse? Already looked through the front door, but no dice. The stroller? Nothing in it. The Barbie car? Nope, Ken and Ken are riding alone (let's not even go THERE tonight.)

It is true--my adorable, precious, angelic child is an iPod thief.

What, oh what, am I to do??

Deidre (feeling much better than last night!)


Sylvia Day said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. :) I hope you're getting some rest, though more likely you're still doing a hundred things at once. *g*

Jaci Burton said...


Ah children and small electronics. I'm so glad I raised my boys before mini-electronics came into play. *g*

It's probably shoved somewhere in a vcr or dvd. Comforting, huh? ;-)

moonhart said...

Dee, if you want to find your iPod ASAP, just go buy a new one. The other one will immediately appear as if by magic.

Kids and Murphy's Law.

They're in cahoots.


Charlene said...

Did you check under the bed? Or the space between the frame and the matress (also highly suspect)? Best wishes! :)

Deidre Knight said...

Happy to report...iPod FOUND! :) Yea, can go to sleep listening to Coldplay tonight.