Saturday, February 11, 2006

Writing with the Weather Channel Droning On

It makes lovely white noise, quite literally, as the lovely folks at TWC talk about the NorEaster that’s about to hit the north. I sit here, typing along on my novel, wishing that I lived somewhere like, um WYOMING! Someplace with dramatic, interesting weather, where I might live a whole other kind of life. I could be a skier or a snowboard queen, or perhaps spend Saturdays ice skating. Not that I can’t learn those things on my occasional trips to colder climes, but the chances of coming a killer ski bunny are pretty slim at this stage in my life.

What if I’d been like this (not my child, but quite probably the youngest little person I saw skiing out in Wyoming—the instructor has her on a leash so she won’t slide away!)

Today I might be like this:

Anyway, white noise. It’s a good thing when writing all weekend because it keeps the slightly weird, antisocial vibe from taking over too completely. So I find that listening to the bland, processed jazz of TWC has a kind of appeal. The local on the 8’s keeps you vaguely aware of time passing. You can pause and study the map of various US quadrants. All good.

The other day I was studying this favorite channel of mine, hoping against absolute hope for some snow and Jud walked through the kitchen and announced, “You can stare at that thing as long as you want, but they’re still not going to give you snow.”

He knows me just too well.

Processed jazz. Local on the 8’s. And maybe someday…oh, a little snow.


Gina Black said...

I have never really been in the snow. Okay, once I went snowboarding in a pitiful amount of melting snow. And when I was fourteen and in New Jersey, I saw a light dusting that melted before I got outside. But that's it. Which--I guess--is good, because when it gets below 60 I get so c-c-c-c-cold.

I think I'd rather read about it than be there. ;)

Jaci Burton said...

*kicking at the Oklahoma dust*

I so feel your pain. A blizzard of snow and ice and rain passed literally inches south and east of us this week. We've had no rain for over 130 days. My grass crunches when we walk on it.

I log into and pray for something other than a clear Oklahoma radar screen. Nothing. Nada. Zip.



Anonymous said...

Oh, Deidre. I feel your pain.

Well, actually, I don't. I'm in the Poconos this weekend, and looking forward to returning home where there's actually MORE snow--so I can watch DH shovel our driveway and front walk.

Heh. Wanna help? ;-)

Ana Lee Kennedy said...

I know exactly what you mean. When I get up early to write on my latest novel or when the baby is napping, I turn on the Weather Channel for background noise. Sometimes I flip on one of the Serius Satelite stations, but it's usually the WC.

Kristen Painter said...

My Christmas gift to my two-year-old nephew who lives in Durango, CO was training skis. According to my brother, the kidlet has taken to them with great enthusiasm. I'm sure he'll grow up to be a fabulous skier. Me? I'm quite happy in the lodge. Or better yet...the hot tub.

Jana Armstrong said...

Today, I woke up to snow (a light snow). After a couple of hours, it became rainy snow which melted the light snow. Rinse and repeat.

We haven't had real snow since 1994!

Unknown said...

We had snow this weekend! I was happy! Just sitting in front of the fire and gazing out at the white stuff driving down fills me with joy, and peace! And my background writing noise is usually whatever is on NickJr...ah, the joys of my office being next to the room where my 3 year old's tv filters in! Right now, I'm writing to "I'm the map, I'm the map" from Dora. SIGH

Maura Anderson said...

My hubby and four year old went snow tubing last Thursday. We've had about 40 days of rain with only a few breaks which has led to lots of snow in the mountains.

I sat in the tubing office with my computer - I've already messed up my knee and didn't need to make it worse.

I like snow - from inside a building - too much of a wimp!

Maura Anderson said...

On the noise, though - I've discovered over the years that I'm very noise interrupted. Not a great thing for someone trying to write with a 4 year old around.

I can take the TV or non-lyric music but anything else distracts me too much. Including the husband trying to read online comics to me... Sheesh.

The kids shows are fairly easy to tune out, at least.

Unknown said...

Hi my name is Emil Rose. I live in Auburn, Al with my husband and son. My husband was born in South Dakota and raised in the Black Hills area of Wyoming.

He tells lots of funny stories about the difference of life out west. They lived in a large log cabin 3000 square ft. with no electric heat. Their only heat source was a wood stove.

He often jokes about waking up in the morning and seeing his breathe. None of the kids wanted to get up first. The first one up in the morning had to brave the cold weather to retrieve iced over firewood. He said it takes alot of patience living out there as they had to drive sixty miles to the grocery store in Spearfish, Sd.

Just our funny ramblings.
Best wishes,


Judson Knight said...

Robin, how well we know the sound of "I'm the Map, I'm the Map, I'm the Map" around our house! Another frequently heard sound is literal white noise, because Deidre and I both find it a soothing background for sleep or for waking concentration. White noise--one of the great benefits of civilization, designed to help us shut out all the noise that civilization itself generates!