Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Deidre’s New Series to Launch in October with RED FIRE and PARALLEL FIRE Makes Its International Debut

Hello Friends,

I know it’s been awhile since I blogged, but now you can see what I’ve been working on! The first novel in my new GODS OF MIDNIGHT series, RED FIRE, will launch on October 7th. I can’t wait to introduce you to the seven immortal Spartan warriors who were granted immortality in exchange for protecting mankind from evil, including their number one nemesis, a powerful and crafty Persian Djinn.

Book One follows the journey of Ajax Petrakos. Check out the cover copy below for a sneak peak:

“Powerfully sensual and mind-blowing,” Deidre Knight’s novels have set the standard for boldly erotic paranormal romance. Now she unleashes an electrifying new series in which seven Spartan warriors, immortal protectors of humankind, battle their passions…a weakness that can only bring their downfall.
Romance B(u)y the Book

Eternity has become a prison for Ajax Petrakos. Centuries after he and his Spartan brothers made their bargain for immortality, Ajax struggles to maintain his warrior’s discipline. His only source of strength is his hope that he will soon meet the woman once foretold to him—the other half of his soul, Shay Angel.

Ajax searches for Shay on the haunted streets of modern-day Savannah, but an ancient enemy has already found her. The youngest of a powerful demon-hunting clan, she can see the monsters that stalk the steamy southern night… an ability that draws the deadly attention of Ajax’s worst enemy.

As she and Ajax race to decipher the rest of the prophecy, a fated passion arises, threatening to sweep away everything in its path.

RED FIRE is currently available through presales on Amazon. Stay tuned for more tidbits about this thrilling new series, as well as some fantastic giveaways designed to stoke your “Spartan love!” In anticipation of RED FIRE’s release, I have launched a new message board. Hope you will swing by and check it out!

For those of you still hungering for more of my Midnight Warrior series (the PARALLEL books), I have a special announcement. Samhain Publishing has exclusively re-released PARALLEL FIRE, A MIDNIGHT WARRIOR’S NOVELLA. Previously, the book was only available in the United States and I’m so excited that all my worldwide fans will now have access to this steamy tale of Anna and Nevin becoming stranded in Yellowstone. Stranded and with a whole lot of time on their hot little hands, that is! Here is a link to the novella.

Check back soon for more updates on RED FIRE and the many other exciting projects we have on the horizon.




Maria Geraci said...

This series sounds hot! I can't wait to get my hand on it:)

Angela said...

I agree...HOT well asthe great looking gent on the cover!! YUM!