Monday, June 15, 2009

Deidre Guest Blogging on Novelists, Inc. (NINC)

Deidre wrote an insightful guest blog post, "Writers and the Power of Imagination," on NINC about her recent Georgia book signing and how that event reaffirmed her belief that writers must trust their abilities and not let the fiction that they produce on paper sweep them away in real life. Here's a snippet:
"As authors, this is our greatest legacy, the power of our imaginations. But for some of us—myself, my clients (I’m an agent by profession)—I’ve noticed that this very gift can also be our undoing. So capableof spinning tales in our minds, it’s only one more step to concoct any terrible scenario that might befall our careers. Haven’t heard from your editor about the new manuscript yet? Of course not! She obviously hates it and can’t even put her thoughts into words. (Actuality: the editor’s boss just handed her a rush edit, so she got sidetracked.)"

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