Saturday, May 14, 2005


In the realm of the equally weird... After my remarks this morning about weekends being slow blog traffic days, would you believe that today I had my highest day of traffic to date? And not only that, my site hits were almost double my previous highest date? I can only wonder what is up with that. Plus, I have a question for all you bloggers who use statcounter. What does it mean when weirdo sites or just sites that make no sense have directed someone to the site? Is this a spammer trying to fish for email addresses (which is my assumption.) Just curious.

So the writing day has been quite good, though a tad short of what I’d hoped. I wound up spending time on another project today and, yes Jeanne, Distraction Man came and had his way with me, that evil fellow. Still, I am happy to report that I accomplished a great deal and now plan to have one more look at the latest chapter before heading to bed. Tomorrow we will begin anew with

Hopefully the brew will not be overly strong, but just right. My family returns tomorrow, so I must work hard before they’re back.


TJ Brown said...

Ahem. Um, yes. That would be me. (Waving hand)Was cruising site looking for more information on the agency and found myself here. After reading several posts I realized you had some good links to other blogs. So while I was procrastinating on my own work I came back here as a jumping off point to other literary lasses. Not cyber stalking, I promise. Now going back to lurkdom status where I would have stayed, except I was afraid you would find out who I was from my computer number and think I was some weird writer person who was never going to leave you alone. And yes, I am the kind of woman who walks into a room to meet very important person and has something stuck in her teeth and trips over a chair. I'm just lucky like that.

Deidre Knight said...

Hee. Nope, not you. I'm talking these bizarre sites that are like nothing but ads. Or something like, I think they're screens for spammers or something, i.e. that they're fishing around for emails. Not talking about regular blog people. :)

TJ Brown said...

So I outed myself for nothing. See, I am just lucky like that.

Crystal* said...

Deidre! Aren't those sitemeters addictive? Lord, it brings my OCD to the foreground. I've cut back considerably, but I LOVE mine. heh

Yes. Those are spammers. Or, as my friend likes to call them: spoggers or blammers. Take your pick. But the result is the same. They tend to mess with the numbers.
Congrats with the good writing day.

Shannon McKelden said...

Deidre, if the weird ones all seem to be coming from other "blogspot" URLs, it could be that people are happening upon your blog by just cycling thru random blogs. I do it all the time, you know, to procrastinate. ;-) The little button at the top of the blogger pages that says "next blog" just takes you to the next random blog on Blogger. Maybe people are finding their way to your blog that way. That doesn't explain why you'd get a big influx all on one day though....


Jaci Burton said...

It wasn't me, I swear! hehehe

Glad you made some good progress today! Me too. I wrote, did laundry, went to Wal Mart and sobbed over Phantom of the Opera on DVD. All in all a perfect day!

Hope the coffee tastes better tomorrow ;)


Deidre Knight said...

Does anyone else want Shannon's shoes?? :) I never knew there was that "next blog" feature--that does explain some. But it was more the weird spammish ones that were strange.

Jaci, glad you got some good writing AND crying in. lol,

Anonymous said...

Spam, definitely an evil foe who needs to be vanquished by the league }:) Yea I noticed the next blog feature but I haven't actually used it yet :)

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