Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Girl With the Retro Pink Blog

You know, I love Shannon McKelden. Not only is she a wonderful client and talented writer, she's a fabulous *person*. And this fellow blogger got some great news today. Great (and I won't even ask how she managed to get a retro pink blog that I least not today.)

Go check out her news and then congratulate her!

Gena Showalter's AWAKEN ME DARKLY is shipping as we speak!! Woo hoo! That book is getting some killer reviews. She blogs all about it today and this week here. Gena blows my mind because at least once a week she comes to me with some brand new book idea--and almost always a really terrific one. I want to clone her creativity and cyber-fit it into my brain. Like a net of book ideas over my head. Wait, that sounds like a hair net not a cyber-brain.

Okay, you can tell I'm punch tonight. And sorry that I neglected my blog. I know you guys go away when I don't post, so that wasn't very well done of me, to put the Brit-speak to it. And speaking of Anglo-angling...I am still on my Julia Quinn marathon reading venture. I'm re-reading THE DUKE AND I, absolutely my favorite of all of hers. Any Julia Quinn fans reading this blog? Does anyone else agree that Simon and Daphne are their favorite couple in any of her books? I think it's that stammer. The beautiful, cool-eyed duke who hides such secret pain from the world, and of course Daphne both heals his soul and exacerbates his problem. Love that book! The emotion is wonderful too.

I have concluded that if a JQ book starts with a male prologue, i.e. the problem will be hero-driven, I'm much more in love with it than those of the heroine-driven variety. I read for the boys and their conflicts, what can I say?

I ordered about four Jo Beverly books today and she's next on my book list of reading for me. By nine pm I do think I should be able to do that, don't you all agree? Although of course I feel horribly guilty, as if I don't deserve pleasure reading, which begs the question--what am I a pack animal? Geez, the work ethic can actually be out of control sometimes, I think.

Rant and ramble over. Remind me to post some other time when I'm beyond tired...(like the line in THE BIG CHILL: "Remind me to get you some more cocaine in the morning.")



Shannon McKelden said...

I'm totally blushing! My head it swelling as you speak...I better be really, really careful. :-)

Oh, and isn't Julia the best!? I'm not usually a huge historical reader, but I DO read hers and love them.

Hey, don't YOU get to wear a first sale ribbon at National, too, this year? We are going to be one colorful bunch!! ;-)


Ellen said...

Well, hurray for Shannon! How exciting!

I think the "retro pink blog" is a standard Blogger template, Deidre... click on "template" and you can change yours, if you so desire. They have quite a few pretty ones to choose from.

I love Julia Quinn. I'm with Shannon-- I don't read a lot of historicals (any more), but she's still an autobuy for me.

Gena Showalter said...

Deidre, you truly are Super Agent!!! I love it -- and you! Congrats to Shannon. What a wonderful deal.

LOL on the Gena Brain.

Jaci Burton said...

Woo hoo and congrats to Shannon! What exciting news!

So, Deidre, you come down from your bouncing off the walls yet or have you crashed by now and need caffeine in large doses? *g* I love The Big Chill. It's one of my favorite movies.I could quote scene and dialogue from that movie for hours...


Anonymous said...

Major congrats to Shannon :)

A big woo hoo for Deidre also :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read it!!! This is so wonderful for Shannon!

Deidre Knight said...
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