Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It's Way Better Than the League of Nations!


I’m in the company of some outrageously funny women. Diana Peterfreund on THE LEAGUE:

"The League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen is solidifying before my very eyes.

Novelique, our fearless leader, whose super-speed and red-leather-clad cleavage scares away the evil Blank Page

Chaptera, in stark black and white, who keeps up the pace with her no-nonsense approach to procrastination (as put forth by venomous "Not Enough Hours in the Day" or Nehitd).

Fun loving
Comedia, with a cape and a giant C, too busy downing shots at her book launch part to watch the league's formation.

The tireless
Agent Negotiateur, ever our Knight in shining armor, and always the hero to call in a jam.

And of course, yours truly,
BrainStorm, in dazzling midnight blue and ultraviolet leather, the ahem, brains of the organization, capable of all manner of rumination, musing, problem-solving, consideration, lucubration, preoccupation and extraordinary feats of lateral thinking.

Applications accepted on Novelique's
page. "

I take no credit whatsoever for this brilliance. I'm a background superhero until the finish job is necessary. Kind of like that Harvey Keitel movie. I'm "the cleaner." But hey, I'm all about the outfit. After all, I've seen THE INCREDIBLES. I want something very cool designed for me by that little tiny woman in the big house. Something that can trigger auctions with the touch of a single button on my chest. Can deflect irate editors with the lowering of my metallic visor. Design away, ladies!

And as a side note, I LOVED the dreaming feedback yesterday. More to come on THAT later today.


Jeanne Damoff said...

Very clever! If I'm ever invited into the League, I want to be Secret Narration Girl. She may look like your average mom in the check-out line at Winn Dixie, but if you could glimpse the intriguing story that constantly runs in her videographic brain, you'd know that the frumpy, balding man in the express lane (10 items or less) is actually a former mob boss with a price on his head, who's escaping detection by pretending to be a welder living in the trailer park with his overweight dachshund, Fritzi.

The small woman in the big house is Edna Mode. She designed my black leather house dress. It's fabulous, darling!

Gena Showalter said...

Ah, Secret Narration Girl. How powerful you can be! Yes, join the League and help us stop the evilness known as Blank Page.