Thursday, June 09, 2005

In a Garden Da Vida, baby....

Hi, Gang!
Sorry I didn't get a chance to swing by yesterday. It's been a crazy week or so here. Lots going on in the agency, and it's summer with kids home and computer woes again. Does anyone else have Outlook freeze up with certain kinds of spam? Pamela and I both keep getting hit with blank email address spam that locks up Outlook. SO freaking frustrating.

I did promise a few pics of my hygrangeas and the garden. Hygrangeas were my wedding flower (anniversary is June 15th.) Jud and I were *young* and it was a low budget kind of "homespun" wedding. So for the reception, we held it at Pamela's condo and cut hydrangeas from my grandmother's backyard and they were *everywhere* at the reception. So each year when I see them, I have all these happy fuzzies. That's probably why the giant bushes in my yard here mean so much.

I'll post those next, and then... drum roll... hosting a BRAND NEW SPECIAL BOOK on our tour!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary in advance :) I've had outlook freeze up at times, but (knock on wood) not for a while. I hope your email woes are soon over.

Anonymous said...

My Outlook never freezes up...because I don't use Outlook! Long live Eudora! (trying not to sound smug) (failing).


Gina Black said...

I use Thunderbird (brought to you by those same folks that make Firefox) and it works fab. I also have a Mac, so I can't vouch for the PC version.

I generally stay away from Microsoft products (at least their web ones), although since you have a Blueberry you've probably got it all synced together.

Deidre Knight said...

How is Eudora different? I'm looking to make a change for our whole company. I'm willing/ready to hear feedback. I love Outlook b/c of all the functions. Is that something available on Eudora?

Anonymous said...

I use Eudora for PC at work and it's got a lot of functions, though not as many as I have in my MS Entourage, which is a beefed-up version of Outlook for Macintosh (my other work computer). I use the free version of Eudora, though. Check it out at

I haven't used Thunderbird, but I LOVE Firefox and have started using the Mozilla calendar product--Sunbird, I think it is. The best thing about getting rid of Outlook is beefing up your virus security, because so many viruses and worms take advantage of issues in Outlook (because more people use it).

Thunderbird would be at

Anonymous said...

I use the paid version of Eudora, Deidre. I think it has a few more bells and whistles than the free version, and of course you don't get the ads, which, IMO, are annoying.

I've never used Outlook, so I can't compare, other than to say, when I tried using Outlook Express, I hated it. So I went back to Eudora.

What Outlook functions are you thinking of specifically?

Eudora has a Junk box and you can filter for spam (I don't; I just check the box). Has a ton of functions and is very user friendly. Personally, I love the mood meter. If you're writing a rude email, it will alert you from 1 to 4 chili peppers and recommend that perhaps you should tone down your language - before you send the post. This is a great feature if you're ticked off at something you read on a writer's listserv. Of course, when writing my critique partner, I try to score as many chili peppers as I can, LOL.

Eudora is a Qualcomm product. You could google to get the URL and check out the features. You pay and download on-line.