Friday, June 03, 2005

the lord of Blackberry Reigns in NYC

Well if it can be done surely I must try it! I'm blogging from my blackberry at LaGuardia while waiting on my (ahem) delayed flight. Great trip here and I even took a few digital pics to upload once home. We had a breakfast today with a group of fellow agents, then on to "second breakfast" (to put a Tolkien twist on it) with an editor from Pocket, and then to lunch with BET team (but with 5 minute shoe moment on the way)

I determined that I spent 7 hours total dining with editors. Out of room.


Deidre Knight said...

What I was going to say before it cut me off was that we spent 7 hours yesterday dining with editors!

I can't believe I made this work. Here's hoping this flight won't be delayed like my last flight home when it took four hours longer and I got home at 2 am! Deidre

Anonymous said...

Shoes? Did you say shoes?? Do tell!

(Better yet, do SHOW! I assume these figure in to your collection of digital pics...)

Safe travels home. Hope you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Hope your flight wasn't delayed too long and I'm glad you had a wonderful trip :)

Gina Black said...

A shoe moment? I'm dying to know what that means...

Jaci Burton said...

you ate for 7 hours? dang, woman!

And I wanna know about the shoe incident too!

Hope your flight was good.