Friday, March 10, 2006

Big Finale Knight: BSG!!

So we get 90 whole minutes. And certain friends of mine who have spoilers have told me the Battlestar finale is going to be AMAZING. Amazing. I love that word. It basically got me through a highly stressful week!

Anyone else psyched about this finale? What are you speculating will happen? My money is still on No More Mr. Nice Gaius being a cylon. Plus, I would wager he's going to be our next president...isn't THAT a frightening thought for humanity in BSG land?

Thoughts anyone?


Unknown said...

I think Gaius has to be a cylon. How else could he have survived the nuclear explosion that he was in? Didn't find it amazing. But maybe I am missing something.

Maureen C. said...

Okay, had to post even though it's way behind the times.. Gaius isn't a Cylon. He's just the worst humanity has to offer. He survived because in the next nuclear war, only the cockroaches will be left! LOL

Maureen Child