Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wormholes, Hyperspace...or Perhaps Just Wayne and Garth's Suck/Cut

So, I'm days away from delivering PARALLEL HEAT (too bad it's not on Amazon, or I could do my cool hyperlink action.) I am in the final descent, seatbacks and trays are in their upright positions, and I discover that suddenly I want to play. I'm talking a total worm hole threatening to suck up all my time. It's like, "Wow! I haven't been to Gena's blog lately...wait, Diana has stuff to comment and respond on... Ellen Fisher? I need to check up on her!"

I'm not publishing newbie, quite obviously, nor am I completely out of touch with my personal motivations. It's become evident to me that some part of me is afraid to finish the novel. Perhaps because I fear I can't--I still have a big battle scene to fill in--but more likely because it's natural for writers to resist giving up their characters. Only, mine get picked right up for book three, so maybe I'm wrong. Maybe, after working four weekends straight, I'm simply feeling deadline spring fever, all the more because it's gorgeous here in Madison, all aflutter with new life.

What amuses me isn't really the cause, but rather the effect: I just found myself on a Battlestar Galactica fan board. Yes, a fan board, something I essentially swore off when the television town of Roswell boarded itself up. It was an innocent misstep, truly--there I was on, and the list of boards popped out at me.
It was then that my inner author shouted, "ENOUGH is ENOUGH!"

So, in an extreme act of will, I plan to spend the night writing until quite late, hoping to get at least fifteen pages down. That should leave about another fifteen, then as amazing as it is, I will be DONE. Until I get my revisions...
And then I start all over again.


Judson Knight said...

Looks like I'm the first one to read your post--while you're downstairs working away, I might add for the folks back home (FBH.)

And to aforementioned FBH, let it be known also that just before she posted this blog entry, I was thinking how funny it was that I kept thinking lately about the Zombies' "Care of Cell 44," which has been in medium-to-heavy rotation on my iPod. And then it occurred to me: it's a love letter from a man to a woman who is just about to get out of prison. LOL!

Jax Cassidy said...

You are to be envied..not only do you have an uncanny resemblance to Dido, you also have oodles of writing talents.. by chance, can you pass some of your incredible creativity my way? LOL

**You will by Deidre's book, PARALLELL ATTRACTION..You will by Deidre's book, PARALLELL ATTRACTION.."

Humm, I wonder if my brainwashing efforts will work on those who visit this blog. haha!

Jaci Burton said...

You've gone from Dido to Starbuck.

I'll be back tomorrow to see what pic is up next.

When you put up Chewbacca's pic, I'll know you need another vacation *g*

The Beautiful Schoolmarm said...

Oh, thank God I'm not the only one. Some days, I can't seem to focus at all (too many hours with hormonal teenagers, possibly). "Oh, let me take out the trash. Gee, I think the counters need one more swipe. And the dog needs another walk. Walks are good . . . nope, gotta write."