Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Publishing Phenomenon!

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It's an online kind of night and I had this good news to share for those who haven't seen it already, but with a bit more of the story. The publishing part, that is.
90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN is a publishing dream--and an agent's dream too. We sold this book to Baker Books and it published in fall of 2004. It's now, oh, about 17-18 months later and it finally hits USA TODAY. You think that happens often? Not very. :)

The book shipped 6,000 units to begin with, publisher promising that "we think it will grow." Or we "hope" it will. This is what usually happens with a smaller book, the publisher hoping that momentum will grow, but the truth is that the right amount of momentum rarely happens for midlist books like this one. Especially for memoirs at a time when Christian memoirs weren't doing well at all. Well, after a while of Don Piper speaking and touring to churches and doing everything in his human power to plug the book, God began to ignite a fire around this book. Then the wildfire spread and soon 10,000's of reprinted copies become hundred thousands. The book hit PW's bestseller list last fall and has never left, always just kind of hovering right off of the USA TODAY list (keep in mind, this is a Christian market book, so it's not like Dan Brown hitting the list.)

Then, last week the book hit at 130 on the list. This week, it's at 132--in other words, holding steady. This is the sort of book I dream of at night. It shipped 6,000 copies and now has more than 650,000 copies in print.

Just sharing the joy!
Hugs, D

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Anonymous said...

I see that the author didn't sit back waiting for people to find him.
It might be a lesson in marketing as well.
Congratulations to all involved.