Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Lord of the Blogberry?

It seems that my blackberry and blogging habits can form a nexus--an evil alliance, if you will. Check this out:

I can see it now. When I'm in New York next month, I'll be taking meetings, doing publisher lunches, and meanwhile blogging reports of all that happens. Since I'm seeing Diana, perhaps we can blogberry together?!?


Ellen said...

Oh, golly, I have *got* to get a blackberry. When I went on a weeklong vacation last year, I very nearly expired due to blogging withdrawal. I came back and posted an enormous entry about everything I'd done, which helped resuscitate me. But wouldn't it be fun to be able to blog remotely??

Diana Peterfreund said...

I do not have a blackberry, unfortuantely, but I will be happy to guest blog on Deidre's.

Mmmm... blackberries...