Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Message In A Bottle

I've been really swamped this week, so I'm not quite as blog-intensive as I might like to be. I'm all aflutter about the Lost finale tomorrow night. Anyone want to put speculations in a cyber bottle here? But before you do, I've uploaded a few more tips on queries and how *not* to get lost in the masses. Lost. See, I can be thematic when I choose to be.

More tomorrow. I promise to be a good little blogger.

Angela, if you read this, tell me you've been here. I'm considering turning you into an Internet phenom just by talking about you all the time. You could be my equivalent of Counting Crows' Anna or Elizabeth. Just show up in my blog posts in passing all the time. Everyone can speculate about you, in fact. Forget lost: speculate about Angela (except those who know her--that's no fun.)

Ah, the joys of creating an air of mystery about one's self.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It looks like it's going to be an intense episode. I'm not even going to try and make predicitons :)

Anonymous said...

Make that predictions LOL.

Crazy Me said...

Angela is here but don't think I'm the one you're looking for! Just had to post when I saw my name!

Lost ... I think the last episode is going to tick me off by not answering ANY of my questions. What the heck is that thing in the woods anyway?!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...speculate about Angela....speculate about Angela....

(I'm trying to think WHAT I can speculate about Angela, and it's hard since I know her!)

The only speculation I have about Lost, however, is that the peeps on the boat will end up right back on the island. lol. That's an easy one though, I think. Other than that? I Think it's all fair game. JJ is good at surprising us,

Jaci Burton said...

I LOVE Lost! I can't wait to watch tonight. But I know it will just leave us with more questions than answers.


Deidre Knight said...

I predict: raft gets turned back to the island when they realize big baddies are after those left behind. Raft will get burned a second time, eliminating the possiblity of getting off the island. Other than that, we'd better get the "french chick" to call those folks something more than "the others."

Anonymous said...

I think the raft will come back empty, but not everyone on the raft will die.

I think the people from the tail of the plane, inspired by Boone's radio shout-out, will find those from the fuselage.

I think we'll get more answers than we think. JJ said we won't learn why the plane crashed, but he did say we'll find out what put Locke in the wheelchair, and Matthew Fox on Ellen said we see part of the monster.

JJ's pretty savvy. He and the writers know well that we won't tolerate a too-long dragging out of the questions. They did give us lots of answers last week, remember!

I can't WAIT for tonight, but I admit I'll be very sad when it's over and I have to wait four months for the next season.

Paula said...

I can't even pretend to have a clue what's going to happen in the finale. I just hope they don't kill Sawyer.

Or Locke.

Anonymous said...

I'm iconic and I didn't even know it. I suppose I could be both ironic *and* iconic. ;)

Now I'm hearing "there's a little piece of Angela in everything I do" in my head. Which makes me smile. Me, you, and a soundtrack by Adam Duritz. If that's not a delicious combination, I don't know what is.

Love ya!