Monday, April 03, 2006

Give Away Deadline!

Hey, Gang:
Tomorrow is the big drawing for the iPod (black and sleek with the series name engraved on the back!) and also alien perfume and two of my kidneys (kidding! Or should I say kidneying?)

Anyway, just a quick reminder that to be eligible, you just follow this link and join the egroup. Also, stay tuned for a very special "interview" tomorrow on the blog (at least I think--have to see if my fellow author agrees that tomorrow is the date.) Just something fun another author and I have been working on that fans of sci-fi romance will absolutely enjoy!

Hugs and good luck with the contest!
P.S. For those in the Georgia area, I'll be signing PARALLEL ATTRACTION at Borders Buckhead in Atlanta tomorrow night at seven.

Thursday I'm signing in Athens, GA at the Barnes and Noble, and giving a publishing "talk."


Kristen Painter said...

Exciting stuff!

And I just wanted to mention, your Spotlight On interview is now posted at Romance Divas!

Check it out at:

Kris said...

I don't see a link. Where should I go?

Anonymous said...

I heard you this morning on Magic 102 in Athens and I so wish I could make it to your book signing tonight. But, it's baseball season and my son has practice!! :(

I totally enjoyed you this morning and I will be looking for your book. It sounds fabulous. And you are a girl after my own heart! You write, you're into scifi and you love Matthew M!!!