Sunday, April 02, 2006

Someone to Know About--My Friend Vickie Denny

I am sure many of you already know the amazing Vickie Denny, owner of But I bet you don't know that she's RWA's BOOKSELLER OF THE YEAR! She'll be getting that award this summer. At TKA we plan to have her join us for a chat very soon so that as authors we can ask all those booksellerish questions we have on our mind. Vickie is an incredibly supportive seller of romance, and I'm just thrilled she's getting the award.

Meanwhile, she's running a Parallel Attraction contest right now, so you guys should head on over and sign up! We're giving away a signed bottle of Alien perfume (which, I'm sorry, is so worth it for the super cool purple bottle anyway!)

Also, check out the beautiful banner she created for me up above! Isn't that gorgeous. If there are any PARALLEL ATTRACTION fans out there, and you'd like to use the banner in your signature online, feel free to grab it. I would *love* the promo! (It doesn't change above, so if you want to use it in your signature, just email me at

Meanwhile, why don't we all say congrats to Vickie Denny here!!!!! BOOKSELLER OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, D


Kris said...

I went and signed up. I just finished Parallel attractions and I loved it. THanks for writing it.

Suzette said...

I loved Parallel Attraction and can't wait (although I must) for Parallel Heat! The Parallel site is awesome!

Deidre Knight said...

Thanks so much, Kris and Suzette! Love the comments and thanks for sharing!! Hugs, d